Lion’s Gate, August 8, 2018


The Lion’s Gate – August 8, 2018 (8-8-8)

As I did last year, I’ve chosen cards from three of my favorite oracle decks to share with us the most important information that we can have to make the best use of the energies that will be available to us during this time.  I’ve chosen a single “anchor” card from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, two supporting cards from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and a single card of confirmation from The Good Tarot deck.  All three decks were developed by Colette Baron-Reid with visual art by Jena DellaGrottaglia.  All are available on-line and through Hay House.

First, a bit of information about the Lion’s Gate.  Each year on the eighth of August, the star Sirius aligns with our Sun and with the Earth to open an energy portal.  As it happens when the Sun is in the sign of Leo, this event is known as the Lion’s Gate.  I’m going to borrow from the recent blog published by the Black Swan Temple (

“Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy, is most easily found by following the stars of Orion’s belt downward, and is considered to be our “Spiritual sun.”  It has been revered by many ancient cultures including the Incas, Druids, Egyptian, Essenes, Mayans and Polynesians.

It is said that evolutionary energy and all of the great Avatars including Isis, Osiris, the Cosmic Christ, and Buddha originated from Sirius. It is believed that it is home to the purest type of love and advanced technology.   Many ancient cultures also believe that Sirius is the gateway to heaven, and that our souls go there once we depart.

On a galactic level, the Lion’s Gate is a portal that enables the rays of Sirius to reach our Earth via our Sun thereby assisting in the activation of dormant DNA encodings and Cosmic Christ seed within.   It is said that streaming thru this Lion’s Gate is information and inspiration for the Divine Plan for Earth and all of Humanity!”

The number “8” is known as the great Karmic Equalizer and is a force that can create OR destroy.  Our thoughts and beliefs manifest in our experience, so we’re encouraged by many teachers to be aware and take care of those thoughts and beliefs, as “they become things.”  (Thank you, Mike Dooley! )  The highest aspects of this energy are focused on results and manifesting abundance, self-confidence, harmony and inner strength (another connection with the concept of the Lion).  The symbol for infinity is the number “8” on its side.  For this reason, August 8 is also known as a day of Infinite Possibilities.

How can we best take advantage of the energies of the Lion’s Gate?  In ancient Egypt, the priests and priestesses would perform rituals to enable them to receive these Light frequencies and then pass them along to others.  Today, we too have guides and teachers who are assisting with the transmission of these energies and frequencies of higher knowledge and inspiration.  It isn’t limited to priests and priestesses these days.  Again, I’m borrowing from the Black Swan Temple an exercise that may help you to “open the energies of the Heart of the Lion’s Gate.”

Exercise to open the energies of the Heart of the Lion’s Gate:

  1. Go outside before dawn (doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy) and look to the East
  2. Call into your heart the star energies of Sirius and our Sun.
  3. Breathe into the area of the heart and allow the pre-dawn energies to enter you
  4. Ask to be release of all that no longer serves you
  5. Ask to be aligned with your highest soul path and spiritual evolution
  6. Expand those feelings like a light glowing golden in your heart.
  7. Radiate this love and light to all of your cells!
  8. Radiate this love and light to people and places you wish to send it to.
  9. Radiate this love and light back to yourself.  Offer yourself compassion, empathy, love, support.
  10. Envision yourself cocooned in this golden light!
  11. Open to receive guidance and inspiration for your next steps!  What is calling you now to be, do and/or create?
  12. Affirmations:  My heart beats to the rhythm of Love. I am Love, Loving, Lovable & Loved!  I am powerful, dignified and creative!


Now, on to the cards given to us by the Oracles.

The anchor card, drawn from The Enchanted Map, is Magic Stream“Everything is connected through the universal flow of consciousness.”

The supporting cards, drawn from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck, are Yang “the masculine principle of movement and creative activity; the power to make things happen; taking action,” and Co-Create “creativity; art; inspiration; manifestation.”  The final card, the confirming card drawn from The Good Tarot, is the 2 of Fire “creative planning for the future, trusting in the unknown, Spirit-inspired ambition.”

Let’s look now at how these cards fit together and apply to the Lion’s Gate.

This is a time when great streams of Love, Light and Inspiration directed at our lives here on Earth flow through the portal opened by Sirius, through our Sun, all for our benefit.  The message of Magic Stream reminds that we are all part of one collective awareness, and when you remember this, you become a channel for great inspiration. As we allow ourselves to accept the magic that is all around us, we begin to see our dreams become reality and this success goes on to benefit many.

Yang, representing the masculine energy of movement and creativity, is encouraging us to accept these transmissions of Light and Advanced Information (technology) and put them to use.  This is not a time for storing this information for use at a later date.  The time is now.  As we accept these transmissions of codes, light, and energy we are reminded that we have a direct connection with Spirit, the Universe, God, Creator (however you think of that Higher Power) and we are not in this alone.  Not only are we part of one collective awareness but we are in partnership with Spirit, who works through us with intuitive guidance and daily inspiration.  As a result of this connection, we can create miracles of beauty and grace.  Can you see how this can blossom during this time of Infinite Possibilities?

Finally, our card of confirmation, the 2 of Fire, carries the energy of creative planning for the future and Spirit-inspired ambition.  The affirmation that accompanies this card gives us a glimpse of what we can achieve, if we are willing.  “Whenever I can’t see how my dreams will coalesce into form, I can trust in the process of co-creation and engage more deeply in the process of envisioning something new.  I have already started to make progress, and soon my passion will attract the perfect situation for me.  The light of Spirit helps me to see my way and feel the Universe aligning to bring me what I need.”

During these days when the portal is open, we have the potential to receive downloads of Light and Energy that we’ll be able to use, in Co-Creation with Spirit to continue the development of a new life on this beautiful Earth.  If we have the courage (Lion) and are willing to accept the “assignment” we can filter and amplify this Light for the benefit of others, so that all will benefit.  We have the potential to share these gifts through so many channels and at so many levels in order to reach those “kindred spirits” who are seeking what we’re all seeking.

What is that?  A bright new world filled with love and compassion, peace and harmony; where none are seen as less-than or outside, but all are welcome to share whatever gifts they possess to the degree that they are able.


I thank you for your patience and your attention.  It is my honor to share these ideas with you, my kindred spirits.



Lion’s Gate Reading (8/8/1+7)

First a Full Moon with a partial eclipse on August 7

then the Lion’s Gateway opens up on August 8!  Now, I’m kind of a science geek, so I like to know just what all this stuff means.  I’m also fascinated with astrology and astronomy so I had to research some of these terms and locations.  (thank you, Google and Wikipedia!)

Every year on August 8th there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lion’s Gateway.”  The Lion’s Gate is when Earth aligns with the Galactic Center, (27 degrees Sagittarius) and the star Sirius, opening a cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms.  It’s called the Lions Gate because it occurs in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion).  Leo as a Zodiac Sign is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine.

When this direct alignment with the Galactic Center happens, (as can be seen astrologically) there is an intense surge of light which awakens DNA, activates the human energy field and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening.  Additionally, when the Sun is conjunct the star Sirius, the light codes of ascension, mastery and evolution from Sirius pour towards Earth as well, aligning yet another level of activation and opportunity for progression on the ascension path.

This Lions Gate energy is all about more fully awakening our unique Divine Light and embodying Divinity within our physical form.

Is it any wonder you’ve had trouble sleeping?!?

After meditation and asking for what we can know about these energies for our highest good, I drew four cards from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and two cards from the Good Tarot.  Both of these decks have been created by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia.

The anchor card is Between Worlds – how perfect is that?!  You’ve finished in one world and you’re not quite ready to step out into the next.  Admitting that you don’t really know what will happen is a big part of this transition.  Seeds that have been planted in the past will start to take root and grow, but because we’re co-creating with Spirit, it may not come out just the way you’d thought it would.  If you can adopt the mindset of “that’s interesting!” you’ll be able to appreciate the wonder as it unfolds.

Fork in the Road is where you’ll find yourself, with a choice to be made.  It’s very important that you make the choice because by not choosing, you’re letting another person or circumstance make the choice for you.  Accept responsibility for your own growth but don’t make yourself crazy; follow your intuition, that gut feeling, and do what feels right.  Whichever you choose, it will be an enriching experience.

Trust your intuition and one of those paths you see before you will surely lead to Treasure Island, where you will see your previous work pay off in the material world.  You’ll have good fortune all around, so remember to share whole-heartedly with those around you.  Treasure shared multiplies magically.

The overall outcome of these Ascension energies will be to allow you the confidence, the grace and ease to speak your truth.  Truth Be Told reminds us that now is the time to proclaim your truth out loud, to shine your light proudly, knowing that there are others who are searching for that very light.  This is an important step in attracting and recognizing your tribe, those souls who get you and will support you in your journey, just as you recognize like-minded souls as you all gravitate together.  Your vibe attracts your tribe!

The cards from the Good Tarot act to confirm and reinforce the message about these massive energies flowing through that portal from Sirius.  Star is a Major Arcana card which addresses inspiration with this affirmation –
“I am hopeful and inspired by life right now, and everything that is happening points to a renewed sense of encouragement.  After all the changes I have experienced, I’m starting to recognize the hope that comes with new beginnings.”

Fool is another Major Arcana card, the first one in a tarot deck, and sends us off on the journey with enthusiasm and this affirmation to keep us company –
“I know that a spiritual approach rarely appears logical and sometimes even seems impractical.  However, when this card appears, I can take a risk and trust that with faith, anything is possible!  The invisible realms will reveal each step along the way.  I am meant to experience this regardless of where I travel.  This is a time when I’m learning that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”

We are moving into the next phase of our growth, our Ascension, and the decisions we find before us will lead us quickly onto our path to reach our goal, our purpose for being here.  As we realize that our hard work is paying off in the material world, we’ll find the confidence and strength we need to speak our truth without fear of recrimination or persecution, shining our light to illuminate that path, not only for ourselves, but for the others that are also seeking their goals.  We’re blessed and encouraged by our Angels and Guides, inspired to continue even when things don’t appear as we’d thought they would.  Above all, we’re reminded to enjoy the journey!

Lord Sananda-March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016

Lord Sananda

LordSanandaI am honored to join you on this auspicious evening.  Anticipating the continuation of the solar eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces is quite a bundle of energy that is being flooded into your world over these few days.  Many of you have been anticipating this energy download and will continue to welcome it with open arms, as it were.  Many more of you have been completely asleep and will find yourselves jolted awake as this energy raises your vibrations and prepares you for your mission here in this lifetime.  Fear not and do not worry, as all will occur in the perfect time frame, in the perfect manner and in the perfect order.  You have multitudes of angels, guardians, guides and loved ones who are waiting “in the wings” to step in and help you with whatever you desire to begin on.

Those of you who are the way-showers will glide right into your place at the forefront of this newest phase of movement.  You will find yourselves taking steps that you have only dreamed of, moving yourselves into where you need to be.  It will all fall into place; you only have to trust your intuition and the guidance you receive to know that you are moving in the right direction.

Those of you who are beginning your journey will find yourselves surrounded by others who will be able to show you the way, gently guide your steps and help you over and around the obstacles that may slow your progress.  You only have to trust your intuition and the guidance you receive to know that you are moving in the right direction.  Miracles will occur right before you, you will come to see your conscious co-creation in your day-to-day life.

Enjoy.  Breathe.  Spend time in quiet meditation.  Spend time in nature.  Listen to what Mother Earth has to say to you; you will not be disappointed.  There are many others among you who you do not yet recognize but who are ready to step out and greet you.  Do not be afraid, but embrace them as your brothers and sisters, for that is what they are.

Open your eyes, reach out your arms and embrace those beautiful souls around you as you all continue on this magnificent journey.  Follow my steps, follow my lead, listen to my guidance and the guidance of the other Ascended Masters who only wait for you to ask for their help.  Just like the Angels, the Ascended Masters are ready and willing to aid you however they can, but you must ask for their help.

We love you so much more than you can understand.  Come join us!


ArchAngel Saldalphon March 6, 2016

Archangel Sandalphon speaks– Seal of Sandalphon

You are entering the dreamy sign of Pisces, which addresses many of my favorite topics and allows me more access to those of you who would allow me entrance into your thoughts, dreams and schemes. The Sun is growing in strength in your part of the world and you’re finding yourselves being called outside, into nature, to renew your acquaintance with Mother Gaia and all her newly awakening life as it shows itself in your presence.

The energies within the planetary structure of your universe are also stirring things up, spinning you into the next phase of your existence, getting your attention, scrambling your senses. The upcoming New Moon (in Pisces) and the partial solar eclipse (in Pisces) will bring newer and stronger energies into your physical bodies, boosting the efficiency and elevating the processes within. Some of you will be extremely aware of what’s happening, while some of you will only perceive slight variations in your normal functions. Nevertheless, the changes will be put into place and the results will be very similar throughout the majority of the humans. The perceptions will be dealt with in various ways. Some of you will respond more drastically, more extremely than others, as some of you are more or less sensitive. No matter; the energies will do their work, your overall functions will be elevated and the ascension of the planet and all of you who inhabit it will continue on this journey.

Mother Gaia will be adjusting to the new energies, as well, and will react in different ways in different areas of the planet. No need to worry, it’s all part of the plan, overall. Any of the perceived “natural disasters” that occur around the world are part of the growth and development of Gaia, as a Spirit and as a planet, and will be incorporated into the overall growth and development of the human species. When lives are “lost” and property destroyed, architecture damaged and turned to rubble, it is all with the agreement of the over-Souls of those involved, with a knowingness that it is all for the best of the Spirit/planet and the Ascension of the Human Race.

Some of you may perceive that as a flippant way of discounting the loss of life and property that occurs with a natural disaster. Be that as it may, there is a Higher Order and a Higher Perspective from which the day-to-day proceedings of the humans is not as important as the “big picture” as some of you call it. The good of the many outweighs the good of the one, and this applies to the overall good of the planet and the human species that currently inhabits it.

Allow yourselves the time in each twenty-four hour period to spend some moments in quiet solitude, contemplating where you are and why you are. Journal what comes to you during those quiet moments, what you perceive taking place in your immediate surroundings and in your day, as it passes. Look back on those notes that you have made at the end of a month, and see how things have progressed in accordance with your thoughts. You will find that, on looking back, you have had many intuitive hints and nudges about what is developing that may have gone unnoticed in the chaos of existence.

We want more for you than simply existence. We want you to enjoy and experience the wonders of the world that has been growing all around you. Play with your ability to create what you want, not just what you need. Question what you see in front of you. Take the time you need to find your place and your center; allow yourself the freedom and the breath to relax and enjoy the gifts that Mother Gaia and Father Sky present to you each and every day – and night. Relax and breathe.

We will have more for you later.

Archangel Azreal Aug 25, 2015


Archangel Azreal, I feel your presence and I welcome you. I am honored to hear your message and to pass it along to those who seek to hear your words.
My children, as you may know, I am referred to as the Angel of Death. While that has many negative connotations in your world, please know that my work is very important and has many more meanings than the sadness and despair that many of you attribute to death.

A recent popular song in your world states that “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” This sentiment applies so clearly to the work that I do in guiding souls from your third dimensional existence back to the Source from which you all originate. Despite the notion that so many of you have that death is final, that it is the end, that it is sad, please open your hearts and your eyes and recognize that death in your dimension is only the end of one phase of existence.

With the changes that are coming to your planet, there will be many more souls who will be choosing to make their transition from this plane to another. This is done with the help and support of many souls who travel between the dimensions, from one planet to another, from one galaxy to another, assisting in the transition as requested and pre-arranged. They offer support and encouragement as a great awakening takes place and the souls are reminded of their journey, their purpose, and remember that this transition is indeed a part of the whole.

You will be aware of many of us who will be lending our assistance, our comfort and our support throughout the next several months as these foretold changes come about. You will recognize the forms of some, you will be surprised at the forms of some (think of the animals that you think of as service animals, or mythological, or extinct) and you will be shocked in your human minds at some of the guides who appear when you least expect them. Do not be afraid, but follow your hearts and your intuition, as you will recognize even the most unconventional of the guides who will appear.

You, now known as Tamarah, as the time passes, you will quickly take in stride the changes that occur. You will recognize at some level that all is as was predicted, whether believed or not, and you will find comfort in the level of acceptance that you feel. Others will look to you as a measure of accuracy and you will find that you are an important liaison during the transition. This is what you have been preparing for and all will be as it should be.

More of my comrades will be making their presence known to you in the coming days and we look forward to sharing our messages through you. Please continue to keep your mind and this beautiful channel open and ready for what we have to say. Look for our nudges and clues, so that you will be ready to take a few minutes and record what we tell you. As you proceed, you will find that there will be little bits and pieces of information that come through at the least expected times, but you will be able to jot them down and compile them as needed.

You are greatly appreciated and loved for all you are and all you do. You are living up to our highest expectations, although you may doubt it at this time. Wait and see, my dear one, wait and see!

You have my greatest respect and so much love. Please know that I am folding you into my arms and holding you close to my heart!

I am Archangel Azreal!

September 2015 Light Flow

Bursting Free

Mother Gaia ~ How can we best be prepared for the influx of Light that is coming in September? I mean specifically my tribe, but also humanity in general.

My dear one, hold yourself and those you love in the highest energy possible and advise them to do the same. Much change is coming, and soon, and it will all be for the highest good. This is the change that we have all been preparing for, that has been foretold since the first Harmonic Convergence in 1986, and has been stirring around in your energy fields since the great shift in 2012. This is what we have all been preparing for, the reason that you are here, in this place, in this lifetime, surrounded by your tribe and all you hold dear.

Continue your practice of staying in your heart, counseling the others to do the same. This will insure that you are not caught up in any of the “panic” or “chaos” that those who would wish to keep this planet under their reign, in darkness, would have you believe is occurring. There will be multitudes of Light Beings, both those of you who are working on this planet and many others who have chosen to remain unseen until now, who will appear at the proper times and in the proper places to lend their support, their love, their wisdom and their protection. You will know them when they make themselves known and you will trust what you feel when you are in their presence.

You have all done so well in preparing yourself and your tribe for these coming days. You will continue on the path that you have chosen and you will find that more souls are seeking you out for your wisdom and your guidance, as you have a gentle way about you in helping them to find the comfort that they seek. But you asked about your tribe and about humanity in general.

At this point, you are prepared, though you may not be consciously aware of what will take place. Continue with your meditation practices, listening to your bodies and heeding the advice of the wise ones who are currently at the forefront of the “movement.” You recognize their energy and you feel the strength and honesty of their words. There will be those who have places of great recognition in the various societies on this planet who will be advising to their benefit, and not to the benefit of those who look to them for guidance. Again, you will recognize this energy and know to discard and disregard what they say.

More Light than you can imagine will cascade into the atmosphere of this beautiful planet and we will all be the better for it. Many changes will come, with more to follow, but it is all for the highest good. Do not allow the False Evidence Appearing Real to confuse or mislead you. Follow your heart, follow your intuition and all will be well with you and with your tribe, as you know this to be true.

Listen to the owl and to the other messengers who will be confirming and supporting this new energy that is beginning, even now, to trickle into your awareness. Continue to shine your light, let your influence reach out even farther than you can imagine, and you will see the effect of all of your work and the work of those around you.

Blessed be, my child. I love you all and I am thrilled to be a part of this New Age that is upon us!

I am Mother Gaia and we are truly making a difference in this beautiful existence!

Gaia, Summer Solstice 2015

June 27, 2015
The beginnings of the summer solstice season – Gaia

This period that we are now in, these days following the solstice, are critical in establishing the flow of energy that will carry us through into autumn. Day by day, evening by evening, you will not notice so much the passage of time or the small occurrences that take place. The Important Events, such as those that have occurred in recent hours in the United States, will gain much attention, as well they should. But the small day-to-day occurrences will pass largely unnoticed. And then, at the time of the autumnal equinox, you will look back over these days and realize all that has come to pass, by comparing where you find yourselves to where you were on these days.

The veils are indeed thinner, time is flowing in a much more fluid manner, all preparing you for the instant of the Great Shift, when all will move into the new way of being. It will occur gradually, so as not to alarm the general population, but those of you who have awakened, or are in the process of awakening, are aware of these changes. It is good and we all will continue to rejoice and celebrate this growth and shift.

Continue to prepare your bodies, keeping them fit, clean and healthy, so that they can serve you effectively when the time comes. Continue to maintain your daily meditation practices, so that your spirit is ready to respond when the call sounds. Continue to nourish the flame that lives in each of you, being aware that everyone you meet has that same flame burning inside them. Let yourself see beyond the superficial and recognize the Divine in each one of you. Remember that you are all on your own path, and each of you is doing your best to walk your own particular walk. Many lessons are being learned, and not all are evident on the surface.

For those of you who are able, spend even a few minutes in nature each day. Even a small dose will nourish your soul and clear your mind, allowing you to focus on the beauty and joy that surrounds you and feeds your innermost being. Notice the little things that surround you as you pass through your day. Take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the sights, scents, sounds and sensations that are available to you. The few moments that you devote to these activities will repay you a thousand-fold in peace of mind and serenity of body.

Remove yourself whenever possible from the daily drama that those of lower vibration revel in; it does not serve you, or them, to join in. Maintain a loving distance and focus your attention in your heart space, your sacred chamber within your being, and you will find that the drama and the chaos dissipate in your presence. The others will truly “take it outside.”
Remember that you are never alone. You are surrounded by all manner of Light Beings who are waiting to assist you as you ask them. You are in the company of many Elemental Beings who are overjoyed when you allow them to serve their purpose here among us. You have many guides and Angels who watch over you, sending you signs and signals, giving you small boosts of encouragement along your way. That coin you find in the parking lot, the feather resting on your windshield, the pretty leaf that drifts in through your window, all are signs and signals that you are greatly loved and highly appreciated for the service that you provide, simply by being you.

We all await with great anticipation the playing out of this next phase of our Ascension. We will do this together, my children, and we will do this joyously!

I am Gaia, your Mother Earth, and I love you all!



St Germaine Forgiveness & Nonjudgment

Friday, February 06, 2015

The difference between forgiveness and non-judgment is at once a fine line and a vast chasm. Yes, that is a nice word, isn’t it? While your culture, your society has placed so much energy into “judgment” and there has been a serious movement recently to recognize and accept individual ways, beliefs and practices without “judgment” there remains an undercurrent of acceptance versus non-acceptance.

It is difficult for humans to forgive and forget. It is a little easier to forgive. It is more difficult to forget. As you spend more time in your heart, less time listening to the ego mind ranting about whatever perceived slight or transgression has taken place, more time simply being in that still quiet space where there is only love, it becomes easier to forgive. It becomes easier to accept that the other is doing the best s/he can, is exactly where s/he is supposed to be and is most likely affording you the opportunity to learn and grow from the gauntlet or stumbling block or temptation that has just been dropped at your feet. It becomes easier to embrace the notion that all is in balance and, by not reacting or responding, the chaos will not touch you and the lesson will be learned. And this is true.

As you spend more time in your heart, you begin to accept and understand that what goes on around you is always available, should you decide to open your eyes and reach out your hand. This will always be so. As you spend more time in your heart, you begin to realize that you have less interest in all of that.

It becomes easier to forgive.

Forgetting is another matter, and simply takes more practice, more distance, more time spent in the still small space contemplating the points of light that are visible. Forgetting becomes easier, as you accept that looking forward is much more rewarding than looking back, moving ahead is what gives you the most pleasure.

“Judgment” is another thing, altogether; a “horse of a different color,” if you will.

To move successfully beyond judgment calls for a complete acceptance that we are all One, we are all part of the Whole, part of the Grid and, therefore, connected to everything, everywhere. There is no “greater” or “lesser” and there is no “better” or “worse.” Only in terms of the One Source, of which we are all a part, can there be any hint of that, and once you realize and accept that we are all a part of that One Source, that hint dissipates, as well.

As we settle into that heart space, where all is balanced and we can embrace the energy of “all as one” we can begin to move beyond judgment. As we grow more comfortable with this, we are better able to work with the notion that “forgiveness” is done with a breath. “Forgetting” is made possible by allowing ourselves the space to move onward and outward. “Judgment” is nonexistent in this place of acceptance and allowing and holding all in the Light of Creator, as we ourselves are held.

A work in progress, truly, but what great strides you are making, with each beat of your hearts, each breath that you take. Boundless space is opening up with each forward movement, and you have only begun. What awaits you is beyond imagining, and you will soon realize your rewards.

I am Germaine, and I hold you all in my love!

And so it is.

ArchAngel Gabriel on the New Energy of 2015


The energy of this new space, the one you call 2015, is a great energy long awaited by many souls on earth and throughout the Cosmos. It has come to be as we all hoped, even more than we let ourselves hope! You have all done your part and now will be able to sit back and watch the splendor unfold before you. Embrace all that is placed in front of you as your due, as this is how it is all meant to be.

There are those who do not yet know of you, and of whom you do not know, who will come seeking the wisdom and the messages that you are able to offer, translate. It will happen more and more, as you allow yourself to reach out a little further each time. The more you sit as you are doing now and simply let the energy flow through you, the easier it will be for you to “get out of your own way” which is only letting those of us who resonate with you have the use of your physical body and speak through you. As you have discovered, “you have the fingers” so it is up to you to allow us to use them to get our messages out to the population that is waiting.

Follow the guidance of your teachers, listen to your intuition. Your Higher Self is waiting patiently for all to unfold for your current lifetime and the group of souls that surround you. Let it happen. We will not allow your foot to stumble. We will raise you up.

We wait joyfully for your next move. The balloons and confetti are waiting. The champagne is chilled. It’s going to be one of the best parties ever!

We love ;you enormously!

And so it is! I am ArchAngel Gabriel.

Gaia-Energy of 2015

MOTHER GAIA – New Energy of 2015

Ah, my Sweet One, at last you ask for the guidance that you seek. You long for peace and stillness, and you shall have it. For now, however, your energy is required to help ease the transitions that you see going on around you. You are just where you need to be for the present. Allow yourself to relax and flow with the rhythms that you feel around you. Respond to your own intuitions, the voices that whisper to you, your guidance. Those who counsel you have a broader, higher point of view, as you know, and they will not fail to guide you where you need and want to be to effect the greatest transformation possible.

Remember to breathe, as that is something that you forget to do as you go through your day. The time that you are spending in quiet meditation is helping you tremendously, but you must continue to breathe. Yes, just like that. And again. As you breathe, so will those around you follow your example, for your influence reaches farther than you realize.

All is falling into place as you have determined it would. Trust that you, your Higher Self and your Council of Guides have it all under their advisement, and all will come about as for the highest good of all. I must laugh just a bit, as I see you second-guessing your movements and struggling just a bit to make sure that it is all perfect. (hands on my shoulders, a little shake and a sigh) Trust that it is all perfect. When you take a moment and look back on where you’ve come, read through your notes and think about the changes that have come about, you will see once again that all is as it should be.

I love you, my children. Continue as you’ve begun. We will have much to say to each other as these next weeks pass.