ArchAngel Gabriel on the New Energy of 2015


The energy of this new space, the one you call 2015, is a great energy long awaited by many souls on earth and throughout the Cosmos. It has come to be as we all hoped, even more than we let ourselves hope! You have all done your part and now will be able to sit back and watch the splendor unfold before you. Embrace all that is placed in front of you as your due, as this is how it is all meant to be.

There are those who do not yet know of you, and of whom you do not know, who will come seeking the wisdom and the messages that you are able to offer, translate. It will happen more and more, as you allow yourself to reach out a little further each time. The more you sit as you are doing now and simply let the energy flow through you, the easier it will be for you to “get out of your own way” which is only letting those of us who resonate with you have the use of your physical body and speak through you. As you have discovered, “you have the fingers” so it is up to you to allow us to use them to get our messages out to the population that is waiting.

Follow the guidance of your teachers, listen to your intuition. Your Higher Self is waiting patiently for all to unfold for your current lifetime and the group of souls that surround you. Let it happen. We will not allow your foot to stumble. We will raise you up.

We wait joyfully for your next move. The balloons and confetti are waiting. The champagne is chilled. It’s going to be one of the best parties ever!

We love ;you enormously!

And so it is! I am ArchAngel Gabriel.