St Germaine Forgiveness & Nonjudgment

Friday, February 06, 2015

The difference between forgiveness and non-judgment is at once a fine line and a vast chasm. Yes, that is a nice word, isn’t it? While your culture, your society has placed so much energy into “judgment” and there has been a serious movement recently to recognize and accept individual ways, beliefs and practices without “judgment” there remains an undercurrent of acceptance versus non-acceptance.

It is difficult for humans to forgive and forget. It is a little easier to forgive. It is more difficult to forget. As you spend more time in your heart, less time listening to the ego mind ranting about whatever perceived slight or transgression has taken place, more time simply being in that still quiet space where there is only love, it becomes easier to forgive. It becomes easier to accept that the other is doing the best s/he can, is exactly where s/he is supposed to be and is most likely affording you the opportunity to learn and grow from the gauntlet or stumbling block or temptation that has just been dropped at your feet. It becomes easier to embrace the notion that all is in balance and, by not reacting or responding, the chaos will not touch you and the lesson will be learned. And this is true.

As you spend more time in your heart, you begin to accept and understand that what goes on around you is always available, should you decide to open your eyes and reach out your hand. This will always be so. As you spend more time in your heart, you begin to realize that you have less interest in all of that.

It becomes easier to forgive.

Forgetting is another matter, and simply takes more practice, more distance, more time spent in the still small space contemplating the points of light that are visible. Forgetting becomes easier, as you accept that looking forward is much more rewarding than looking back, moving ahead is what gives you the most pleasure.

“Judgment” is another thing, altogether; a “horse of a different color,” if you will.

To move successfully beyond judgment calls for a complete acceptance that we are all One, we are all part of the Whole, part of the Grid and, therefore, connected to everything, everywhere. There is no “greater” or “lesser” and there is no “better” or “worse.” Only in terms of the One Source, of which we are all a part, can there be any hint of that, and once you realize and accept that we are all a part of that One Source, that hint dissipates, as well.

As we settle into that heart space, where all is balanced and we can embrace the energy of “all as one” we can begin to move beyond judgment. As we grow more comfortable with this, we are better able to work with the notion that “forgiveness” is done with a breath. “Forgetting” is made possible by allowing ourselves the space to move onward and outward. “Judgment” is nonexistent in this place of acceptance and allowing and holding all in the Light of Creator, as we ourselves are held.

A work in progress, truly, but what great strides you are making, with each beat of your hearts, each breath that you take. Boundless space is opening up with each forward movement, and you have only begun. What awaits you is beyond imagining, and you will soon realize your rewards.

I am Germaine, and I hold you all in my love!

And so it is.

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