Special Sessions & Packages

The materials in these sessions are presented with the highest and best intentions and were designed to harmonize with all belief systems. Amazing healing results are possible with Whale and Dolphin Energy Light Medicine. When you are willing to open to your own power with this work, opening your heart and belief systems, you will know core level healing is available through your connection to the Whales, Dolphins and Celestial Light Beings. Information provided in the Oracle Card Readings is intended for entertainment purposes. To become a new client, simply book online or call/text 304-261-1306

Regain Your Balance

If you’re feeling like you’ve been playing both ends against the middle, trying to balance employment, relationships, family, school (with the added “bonus” of virtual everything!) together with feeling like you’re not getting enough sleep, too many snacks, not enough water/too much wine, you have more company than you can imagine! Sprinkle in a dash of the fear that is all too prevalent in our world today and you may feel like you’ll never find your equilibrium again, if you ever really had it! I may be able to help.

I’ve put together a package, of sorts, to offer you some guidance, some relaxation, some self-care and space to take a breath. This package consists of a preliminary intuitive Oracle Card reading to get a feel for where you are, a chakra evaluation and balancing, a Whale Energy Clearing and Healing session including a lovely guided meditation and if you like, a custom essential oils blend created just for you with help from my Guides. This can take place over four to six weeks and is wrapped up with a closing intuitive Oracle Card reading to see how far you’ve come. Because this energy work is all just as effective remotely as it is in person, these sessions can all take place via phone, Skype or Zoom platform. There are some bonuses available for an additional fee, such as recordings of your sessions that you can download and an additional session using Universal Spheres®.

All in all, this is a very comprehensive package that gives you a taste of many of the services available individually, should you decide to dive a little deeper into the energies that we find ourselves surrounded by. Wouldn’t you love a helping hand to get you over this bridge and onto more stable ground? Email me at [email protected] with questions or click the button below.

Corona Virus Whale Healing & Immunity Shield from the White Whales

Whales Work Wonders!

Experience the wisdom and power of the Great White Whales to disable the Corona Virus and give you a Golden Immunity Shield of Light. We have worked with hundreds of people using this very specialized healing process since March, 2020.

What if you knew you did not have to go to battle with the Corona Virus? What if there was a way to live peacefully now, without fear, knowing that the Corona Virus has no power over you?

Please come with an open heart and clear intentions for a perfect healing and alignment from the Great White Whales. They are our Elders and are Cosmic Creators offering us their unique and advanced multidimensional healing expertise. They are limitless in their abilities to help humanity, but must have permission from your Soul to make changes and shifts in your physicality and vibration.

Are you ready to release the Fear you have associated with the Corona Virus? Energy medicine is most effective when the client is able to be in their heart, surrendering the fear and polarity of the mind. You are encouraged to open your belief system to multiple realities of great love when experiencing Whale Energy Medicine.

Email me at [email protected] for more information or to schedule your healing session through my Zoom platform. $25 per person/$11 each additional family member payment through PayPal.