ArchAngel Saldalphon March 6, 2016

Archangel Sandalphon speaks– Seal of Sandalphon

You are entering the dreamy sign of Pisces, which addresses many of my favorite topics and allows me more access to those of you who would allow me entrance into your thoughts, dreams and schemes. The Sun is growing in strength in your part of the world and you’re finding yourselves being called outside, into nature, to renew your acquaintance with Mother Gaia and all her newly awakening life as it shows itself in your presence.

The energies within the planetary structure of your universe are also stirring things up, spinning you into the next phase of your existence, getting your attention, scrambling your senses. The upcoming New Moon (in Pisces) and the partial solar eclipse (in Pisces) will bring newer and stronger energies into your physical bodies, boosting the efficiency and elevating the processes within. Some of you will be extremely aware of what’s happening, while some of you will only perceive slight variations in your normal functions. Nevertheless, the changes will be put into place and the results will be very similar throughout the majority of the humans. The perceptions will be dealt with in various ways. Some of you will respond more drastically, more extremely than others, as some of you are more or less sensitive. No matter; the energies will do their work, your overall functions will be elevated and the ascension of the planet and all of you who inhabit it will continue on this journey.

Mother Gaia will be adjusting to the new energies, as well, and will react in different ways in different areas of the planet. No need to worry, it’s all part of the plan, overall. Any of the perceived “natural disasters” that occur around the world are part of the growth and development of Gaia, as a Spirit and as a planet, and will be incorporated into the overall growth and development of the human species. When lives are “lost” and property destroyed, architecture damaged and turned to rubble, it is all with the agreement of the over-Souls of those involved, with a knowingness that it is all for the best of the Spirit/planet and the Ascension of the Human Race.

Some of you may perceive that as a flippant way of discounting the loss of life and property that occurs with a natural disaster. Be that as it may, there is a Higher Order and a Higher Perspective from which the day-to-day proceedings of the humans is not as important as the “big picture” as some of you call it. The good of the many outweighs the good of the one, and this applies to the overall good of the planet and the human species that currently inhabits it.

Allow yourselves the time in each twenty-four hour period to spend some moments in quiet solitude, contemplating where you are and why you are. Journal what comes to you during those quiet moments, what you perceive taking place in your immediate surroundings and in your day, as it passes. Look back on those notes that you have made at the end of a month, and see how things have progressed in accordance with your thoughts. You will find that, on looking back, you have had many intuitive hints and nudges about what is developing that may have gone unnoticed in the chaos of existence.

We want more for you than simply existence. We want you to enjoy and experience the wonders of the world that has been growing all around you. Play with your ability to create what you want, not just what you need. Question what you see in front of you. Take the time you need to find your place and your center; allow yourself the freedom and the breath to relax and enjoy the gifts that Mother Gaia and Father Sky present to you each and every day – and night. Relax and breathe.

We will have more for you later.

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