Lion’s Gate, August 8, 2018


The Lion’s Gate – August 8, 2018 (8-8-8)

As I did last year, I’ve chosen cards from three of my favorite oracle decks to share with us the most important information that we can have to make the best use of the energies that will be available to us during this time.  I’ve chosen a single “anchor” card from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, two supporting cards from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and a single card of confirmation from The Good Tarot deck.  All three decks were developed by Colette Baron-Reid with visual art by Jena DellaGrottaglia.  All are available on-line and through Hay House.

First, a bit of information about the Lion’s Gate.  Each year on the eighth of August, the star Sirius aligns with our Sun and with the Earth to open an energy portal.  As it happens when the Sun is in the sign of Leo, this event is known as the Lion’s Gate.  I’m going to borrow from the recent blog published by the Black Swan Temple (

“Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy, is most easily found by following the stars of Orion’s belt downward, and is considered to be our “Spiritual sun.”  It has been revered by many ancient cultures including the Incas, Druids, Egyptian, Essenes, Mayans and Polynesians.

It is said that evolutionary energy and all of the great Avatars including Isis, Osiris, the Cosmic Christ, and Buddha originated from Sirius. It is believed that it is home to the purest type of love and advanced technology.   Many ancient cultures also believe that Sirius is the gateway to heaven, and that our souls go there once we depart.

On a galactic level, the Lion’s Gate is a portal that enables the rays of Sirius to reach our Earth via our Sun thereby assisting in the activation of dormant DNA encodings and Cosmic Christ seed within.   It is said that streaming thru this Lion’s Gate is information and inspiration for the Divine Plan for Earth and all of Humanity!”

The number “8” is known as the great Karmic Equalizer and is a force that can create OR destroy.  Our thoughts and beliefs manifest in our experience, so we’re encouraged by many teachers to be aware and take care of those thoughts and beliefs, as “they become things.”  (Thank you, Mike Dooley! )  The highest aspects of this energy are focused on results and manifesting abundance, self-confidence, harmony and inner strength (another connection with the concept of the Lion).  The symbol for infinity is the number “8” on its side.  For this reason, August 8 is also known as a day of Infinite Possibilities.

How can we best take advantage of the energies of the Lion’s Gate?  In ancient Egypt, the priests and priestesses would perform rituals to enable them to receive these Light frequencies and then pass them along to others.  Today, we too have guides and teachers who are assisting with the transmission of these energies and frequencies of higher knowledge and inspiration.  It isn’t limited to priests and priestesses these days.  Again, I’m borrowing from the Black Swan Temple an exercise that may help you to “open the energies of the Heart of the Lion’s Gate.”

Exercise to open the energies of the Heart of the Lion’s Gate:

  1. Go outside before dawn (doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy) and look to the East
  2. Call into your heart the star energies of Sirius and our Sun.
  3. Breathe into the area of the heart and allow the pre-dawn energies to enter you
  4. Ask to be release of all that no longer serves you
  5. Ask to be aligned with your highest soul path and spiritual evolution
  6. Expand those feelings like a light glowing golden in your heart.
  7. Radiate this love and light to all of your cells!
  8. Radiate this love and light to people and places you wish to send it to.
  9. Radiate this love and light back to yourself.  Offer yourself compassion, empathy, love, support.
  10. Envision yourself cocooned in this golden light!
  11. Open to receive guidance and inspiration for your next steps!  What is calling you now to be, do and/or create?
  12. Affirmations:  My heart beats to the rhythm of Love. I am Love, Loving, Lovable & Loved!  I am powerful, dignified and creative!


Now, on to the cards given to us by the Oracles.

The anchor card, drawn from The Enchanted Map, is Magic Stream“Everything is connected through the universal flow of consciousness.”

The supporting cards, drawn from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck, are Yang “the masculine principle of movement and creative activity; the power to make things happen; taking action,” and Co-Create “creativity; art; inspiration; manifestation.”  The final card, the confirming card drawn from The Good Tarot, is the 2 of Fire “creative planning for the future, trusting in the unknown, Spirit-inspired ambition.”

Let’s look now at how these cards fit together and apply to the Lion’s Gate.

This is a time when great streams of Love, Light and Inspiration directed at our lives here on Earth flow through the portal opened by Sirius, through our Sun, all for our benefit.  The message of Magic Stream reminds that we are all part of one collective awareness, and when you remember this, you become a channel for great inspiration. As we allow ourselves to accept the magic that is all around us, we begin to see our dreams become reality and this success goes on to benefit many.

Yang, representing the masculine energy of movement and creativity, is encouraging us to accept these transmissions of Light and Advanced Information (technology) and put them to use.  This is not a time for storing this information for use at a later date.  The time is now.  As we accept these transmissions of codes, light, and energy we are reminded that we have a direct connection with Spirit, the Universe, God, Creator (however you think of that Higher Power) and we are not in this alone.  Not only are we part of one collective awareness but we are in partnership with Spirit, who works through us with intuitive guidance and daily inspiration.  As a result of this connection, we can create miracles of beauty and grace.  Can you see how this can blossom during this time of Infinite Possibilities?

Finally, our card of confirmation, the 2 of Fire, carries the energy of creative planning for the future and Spirit-inspired ambition.  The affirmation that accompanies this card gives us a glimpse of what we can achieve, if we are willing.  “Whenever I can’t see how my dreams will coalesce into form, I can trust in the process of co-creation and engage more deeply in the process of envisioning something new.  I have already started to make progress, and soon my passion will attract the perfect situation for me.  The light of Spirit helps me to see my way and feel the Universe aligning to bring me what I need.”

During these days when the portal is open, we have the potential to receive downloads of Light and Energy that we’ll be able to use, in Co-Creation with Spirit to continue the development of a new life on this beautiful Earth.  If we have the courage (Lion) and are willing to accept the “assignment” we can filter and amplify this Light for the benefit of others, so that all will benefit.  We have the potential to share these gifts through so many channels and at so many levels in order to reach those “kindred spirits” who are seeking what we’re all seeking.

What is that?  A bright new world filled with love and compassion, peace and harmony; where none are seen as less-than or outside, but all are welcome to share whatever gifts they possess to the degree that they are able.


I thank you for your patience and your attention.  It is my honor to share these ideas with you, my kindred spirits.