I am a busy wife and mother living in rural West Virginia, surrounded by woods and wildlife.  I have always felt the tug of Nature, the moon and stars, the seasons, and this has led seamlessly to my current practice.

While I have been developing my spiritual gifts and working with many different healing modalities as far back as early 1980s, I am currently focusing on intuitive Oracle and Tarot Card readings, energy and light body work, and creating intuitively guided custom essential oil blends using doTerra essential oils.  I am a Certified Healing Practitioner in Whale & Dolphin Energy Light Medicine and a Certified Practitioner in the Universal Spheres® healing modality, as well as an Intuitive Facilitator.  Many of these services are available by appointment in-person, via email, or virtually via Zoom.

Not sure where to begin?  I’m happy to offer a FREE consultation for new clients to help determine the best jumping off point for you on this exciting part of your journey.  Simply contact me at [email protected] and we’ll set up your consultation.  I’m excited to get started with you!

If you’d like a daily peek at the energies that are available, please follow me @tamarahlight on Instagram and Twitter, or look for my Facebook page for lots of spirit-filled information for these beautiful days of ascension.