Teresa has been developing her spiritual gifts and working with many different healing modalities since 2012, after following this path since the early 1980s.  She has many tools in her toolbox including homeopathy, flower remedies, crystals, essential oils, channeling and energy healing.  She has just completed her internship through the Omni Dimensional Mystery School in Oceanside, CA, and is proud to be a Certified Healing Practitioner in Whale & Dolphin Energy Light Medicine as well as an Intuitive Facilitator.

A busy wife and mother living in rural West Virginia, surrounded by woods and wildlife, Teresa has always felt the tug of Nature, the Moon and Stars, the Seasons. This has led seamlessly to her current practice.

She is pleased to offer you the opportunity to experience the wisdom, power and communications of the Great Whales & Dolphins, exploring whale and dolphin energy medicine, through personal or group healing sessions.  Teresa also offers  intuitive Oracle Card readings, supported by essential oils and crystals as indicated by your Angelic guides.  She has become aware, by spending time in the sacred space of her heart, that she can connect with Mother Gaia and Father Sky as well as your Guides and Angels through the Spirit of the Oracle and hear their voices, their words of wisdom and guidance.  She then happily shares those words of these Great Ones with you.

If you’d like a daily peek at the energies that are available, please follow me @tamarahlight on Instagram and Twitter, or look for my Facebook page for lots of spirit-filled information for these beautiful days of ascension.