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Magical March

Yes, yes, May is usually the “magical month” and this year won’t be any different. However, the month of March is looking to be very magical in and of itself.

If you follow other readers, both Oracle and Tarot, or astrology, you know that the energies available to us in March are arriving with the potential to be off the charts! Let’s look at the cards that I’ve just pulled with anticipation (rather than apprehension) and put them together into a possible narrative. Our world is shifting and the work we have been doing, each and all, during these past months has contributed to the speed and direction of this shift. For a peek at the possibilities for this month, click over to the Monthly Blog.

Mr Rogers was a Pisces! 


There’s a lot going on this month, energetically, astrologically, spiritually, and much more, not the least of which is Women’s History Month. I’ve borrowed some wisdom from The Sage Goddess ( to share with you.

“Take time this month to acknowledge the power, resilience, and grace women have demonstrated throughout history. Women have been keepers of life’s mysteries, nurturing the world with profound insight and intuition. Gender aside, let yourself recognize your ability to tap into the divine connection to the cosmic forces that shape our reality. We honor the wise women who came before us — grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters, whose teachings have paved the way for our growth and evolution. Let us acknowledge the power and beauty that resides within each of us and the divine feminine energy that flows through us all.”


If you’re ready to see the cards I’ve pulled for this month, click over to the Monthly Blog.

I’m excited to announce that the Ranson WV Civic Center will be host to Metaphysical Musings Expo again on April 8, organized and offered by Georgette and the Moon. The event last fall was a huge success, lots of readers, energy workers, body workers, and top-notch vendors. I’m anticipating an even higher level of offerings on all levels in April! Watch for details and specifics on this page, in my newsletter, and on social media! You’re certain to see lots of familiar faces and many new friends you haven’t met yet.

On the local front, we’ve started a monthly Spiritual Awakening Salon that has gathered several times now and is expanding from a brief chat over coffee to a sacred space that offers an opportunity within a safe space for like-minded folks to share experiences, ask questions, practice newly discovered skills, and enjoy being together. Interested? Message me.

These are transformational times the likes of which have never been seen and we’re all in this together.  Trust that together, joined in love, we can accomplish so much more than we can alone.  If you’re not sure how to stay in your heart, contact me and I’ll give you some easy-to-follow guidelines.  I’ll be happy to share some uplifting guided meditations that will help to keep your energy focused in a positive direction.  What lies ahead will be more magnificent than we could ever let ourselves imagine.  Above all, stay in the MAGICAL MIND!

You all mean the world to me.  I feel your loving support and know that we are holding each other up.  Scroll on down to see what I’m highlighting this month.  I’m honored to help you find some balance, some breath, some peace.  Namaste.

After you read what the Oracle has to say about the energetic possibilities this month, you may decide you’d like a personal reading, something a little more intimate. I’m scheduling a limited number of personal readings, so if you’re interested, please contact me; I’ll happily schedule a reading for you via email or Zoom. I now have a private space where I can offer in-person energy healing work. If you’re local and interested in working with me, message me to set up a session. It’s always a great time to schedule an Oracle Card reading for yourself!  I can also offer suggestions for essential oils, crystals, guided meditations, and energy work to support you on your journey. Scheduling on line is easy to do!  Just click here.

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