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Guidance for Autumn/Spring Equinox

We have cause to take hope as we move through a powerful portal that is ushering in the Autumn Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere; they’re welcoming Spring in the Southern Hemisphere).  A New Moon in Virgo, Rosh Hashana, the much-mourned passing of Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and, finally, the Equinox is providing an entryway for powerful energies that are cleansing and clearing unwanted and unneeded energies from our physical bodies and from our lives.  It is an intense time, without doubt, but it is bringing us the breath and the Light that we all are wanting.

To support the energies pouring down on us, we are further supported by the Hindu goddess Saraswati, from the Goddess Power Oracle deck, who loves to focus on learning.  Curious, is it not, as this is historically a time when our children go back to school to immerse themselves and we may also find ourselves looking for a new interest?  Saraswati wants us to adopt the role of apprentice and be willing to devote our hearts and minds to something, be it art, language, knowledge, music or poetry, or any other topic that may have caught your attention.  No matter what you decide to explore, the pursuit of mastery is never ending; she encourages you to enjoy every minute!

We find further support in a card drawn from the Oracle of the 7 Energies deck in the form of The Oracle’s Gift, which involves the sixth energy center of Light and addresses imagination and intuition.  The Oracle’s Gift brings us assurance that we will find messages wherever we look if we remain open, trust our intuition and use our imagination.  The Universe sends us messages in many ways, if we only trust that they are real and true to what lives within us.  Let those messages confirm that you are indeed on the right track.  The magic is within you as well as all around you.

Continue your daily spiritual practice, be gentle with yourself and with those around you.  These are intense times and we are here together for a purpose.  What we do, matters.  Together, joined in love, we can accomplish more than we would ever dream!

Now take a look below, or on the “Services” page to see what is available for you to help you navigate this amazing transformational period we all signed up for!

Universal Sphere®

I’m excited to announce that I am now a Certified Universal Sphere® Practitioner!  Please contact me to schedule an appointment or for more information about this exciting new energy work modality that uses Solution Energy from the Field of Infinite Possibilities to give you space and breath and relief.  Look on the “Services” page for a new treatment package that contains elements of this energy work together with a personal card reading, a Whale Healing session and more.

Personal Oracle Card Readings

Are you questioning your choice of career?  Are you being drawn in a new direction?  Are you considering a move to a new location?  It’s amazing what can show up in an oracle card reading!  Using up to six cards, we can begin to uncover the story of what may lie ahead for you.  If done via Zoom, you will have access to a recording of your session for up to two weeks.

Click on the Services page for options and rates.  Email with questions.

Experience a Whale Healing & Clearing Session online via Zoom

These unique healing sessions are available for you or for a group; just as effective remotely via Zoom platform!

Look on the “Services” page for details or email teresa@tamarahlight for more info.

As always . . .

Things are changing quickly these days, as our world is changing. I’ll continue to update this site with readings and channeling, as regularly as possible.  I’ve been getting some great messages from the Whales and Dolphins and I’ll be posting some of them soon.

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Let me help you open the gate for love to flow into your life – in your job, in your relationships, with Angelics and Light Beings.  Welcoming the Whales and Dolphins into my life and my practice is having amazing results and I’m excited to share them with you.  I am also an Angelic messenger, a spiritual guide and teacher, a life path intuitive and a Universal channel for Mother Gaia, Saint Germaine, Lord Sananda and other Light Beings.  I am a second degree Reiki practitioner, I  am certified as a Practitioner with Universal Spheres® and in the Aromatouch Technique using doTERRA essential oils.

I post daily readings on my Instagram page (@tamarahlight), with links to Twitter and Facebook, in addition to the special energy forecasts that I post  on this site.  In the meantime, I’m updating regularly and I’ll be sending out brief newsletters to all who have provided a valid email address.

Thank you for your interest, support and encouragement.  Namaste.