The energy reading for the month of September 2018 is finally up on the Energy Readings page.  Click over there to read it!

Time for total honesty and transparency:  I am posting this reading for the month of September during the final days of the month.  The energies that have been pouring down on us through all the planetary activity, full moons, new moons, eclipses, partial eclipses – heck, I can’t even remember all the things that have occurred this month (oops, Fall Solstice!) have really taken a toll on my emotional and physical body.  There have been more days than I can name that I’ve made it home from my “day job” planning to devote the evening to this very important challenge that I’ve accepted this year, only to find that I have almost enough energy left to prepare and eat supper, clean up and collapse with a mindless book for a bit before falling into bed.  That being said, I feel that the information in this monthly reading is important and merits being shared with my faithful readers so that, at the very least, you can look back on the month and see how your life has played out in view of these cards.  You may find that you can’t relate to these prescriptive energies that I’ve described, and that’s fine.  I’m usually pretty impressed, though, with how accurate each month’s reading turns out to be.  Remember that I drew all these cards during the first few days of January with no predetermined ideas about the results.  I don’t understand how all this works, but I believe that it works and that’s enough for me most days.

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As I have navigated this Ascension path, I’ve begun to remember bits and pieces of what has gone before, including that a portion of my mission is to channel messages from Mother Gaia, Beloved Saint Germaine and other Beings of Light, spreading their wisdom to the awakening souls here on this beautiful blue-green planet. What do your Guides and Angels have to say to you?

I can help you open the gate for love to flow into your life – in your job, in your relationships, with Angelics and Light Beings.  I am an Angelic messenger, an energetic healer, a spiritual guide and teacher, a life path intuitive and a Universal channel for Mother Gaia, Saint Germaine, Lord Sananda and other Light Beings.  I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and  am certified in the Aromatouch Technique using doTERRA essential oils.

Contact me to schedule an intuitive energy reading, either a personal session or a small group.  I work thru phone, Skype or face-to-face if you’re in my area, or if I’m in yours.  A thirty minute session is available for a (suggested) donation of $40, just contact me.  I’m a big fan of bartering, too.  Payment now available through PayPal at

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I’ve been associated with the on-line magazine Sacred Folk, and I post daily readings on my Instagram page (@tamarahlight), with links to Twitter and Facebook, in addition to the weekly energy forecasts that I post regularly on this site.  Well, mostly regularly.  In the meantime, I’m updating regularly and I’ll be sending out brief newsletters to all who have provided a valid email address.

Thank you for your interest, support and encouragement.  Namaste.