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Peace and Blessings in 2021!

Oracle Card Reading

Using the Crystal Spirits Oracle, Oracle of the 7 Energies, and the Enchanted Map Oracle

created by Colette Baron-Reid & Jena DellaGrottaglia


Wow, have we been through A. Lot.  That being said, blessings on 2020 for the many gifts that it brought us, the challenges we’ve faced, the coping skills we’ve discovered and the transformation that we’ve all begun (willingly or not).  Now let’s Welcome 2021 and see what lies in store for us!  I have to admit I was holding my breath as I drew these cards.  I am speechless at the results.


Card #1, representing where we are standing right now on January 1, 2021, is from the Crystal Spirits Oracle deckChrysocolla has its emphasis on clear communication, transparency and discernment. We are leaving behind one of the most challenging years that I hope any of us face and there remain many loose ends to be tied up, unanswered questions, and issues of great importance to humanity as a whole to be addressed.  It will be up to us to remain aware and alert, not allow ourselves to grow weary or complacent, and do our part to see that this movement continues.  Chrysocolla’s message is this:  the force of the Conscious Universe’s love is here for you today as you choose to speak up and speak out, for you can be a clear channel for what needs to be said.  Your voice is very important; the Conscious Universe expresses truth through you.  Because of our commitment to heartfelt communication, our voices will ring out, cutting through the noise that seeks to distract us from what is at hand.

Card #2, representing a potential challenge that may already be resolving for us, is from the Oracle of the 7 Energies deck, as are Card #3 and Card #4.  Birds of a Feather originates in our 4th energy center or Heart Chakra and addresses community, a sense of belonging, and the notion of being part of a network of like-minded and like-hearted people.  If you have found yourself in a group where you just knew you belonged, trust those strands of connection because now is the time to recognize that sense of community!  Let yourself connect with community and participate in fellowship, especially right now.  We are all in this together and together we will emerge from the clouds of divisiveness and polarity that have caused so much pain and suffering to so many souls!  Stick to what feels good and what resonates with your heart as true.

Card #3 represents something in our past that is influencing our present.  Call of the Muse originates in our 5th energy center or Throat Chakra and has to do with creative expression and tuning into inspiration.  We are not all artists and musicians in the classical sense, but we can all connect with the Divine, open our hearts, and let the magic of the Muse flow through our intuition and emotions.  See yourself as a partner in the creative dance rather than the center of the process.  Be a channel and allow the creative energy to flow through you.  Journal, finish that writing project, start something new, paint, sing, dance . . . and don’t worry about where any of it ends up.  In this case, the big magic is in the experience of answering the call.

Card #4, representing our next experience, is Endless Possibilities which originates in our 6th energy center or Third Eye Chakra and directs us to use our awareness to leap beyond limiting beliefs and discern what is possible.  Do you know intuitively that there is more to life than meets the eye?  Are you willing to act on that knowledge?  As you believe, so it will be for you.  Conditions meet expectations and your energy will attract its match in the outside world.  Either your world remains the way it is, or you become more.  Let yourself stand with open arms, knowing that you are stepping into experiences that are potent and transformative.  Walk past that line in the sand that you and others drew long ago; leap toward what will be.  You are more than you were.  Just believe it.

Card #5 represents our goals or desired outcome at it’s potential best.  Balancing Act is the first card from the Enchanted Map oracle deck and nails it with its emphasis on gaining a sense of calm within ourselves despite the apparent chaos around us.  We can take a moment to evaluate which areas of our life need balance and do what we can to restore that balance.  We want to be able to choose harmony over discord and find inner stability by choosing a balanced, focused, and level path.  Are you aware of the resources available to help you find, achieve and maintain that balance?  You are not alone on this journey and you don’t have to do it all yourself.  Reach out to friends, family, and practitioners who will be able to offer suggestions for the resources you seek.  Me, for example.

Card #6 represents what could be hidden from view, so well perhaps that you’re not aware of it.  Golden Palace is a card of good fortune, ambitions fulfilled, wealth and prosperity.  It also has an underlying message that self-worth isn’t measured by what you have but rather by what you are, how much compassion you can contribute to improve the well-being of all.  Are you questioning your worth?  Do you find yourself wondering if what you have to offer is even worth anything?  Your time of happiness is way overdue.  Remind yourself that sharing whatever wealth and abundance (think beyond monetary) you have is what it’s all about!  It will come back to you one hundredfold.

Card #7 contains advice for your highest and best good.  Field of Dreams contains another reference to the infinite possibilities mentioned earlier.  Be clear about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs as the seeds you sow in your field of dreams will indeed flourish.  Weeds or roses, it’s up to you.  Concentrate on building the life you want to live, despite outside influences which will try to overwhelm you.  In partnership with the Gentle Gardener, you will reap what you sow.  Dream big, dream beautiful, take action, and tend to the garden of your life.

Card #8 points out possible external influences that are beyond your control.   Movement may not be what you expect, as it indicates positive forward motion.  Admit it, you were thinking “Uh-oh!”  What this means is that you are coming out of a period of restriction (Whew!) and you just can’t remain where you are any longer.  Movement is also a state of mind.  Expect that brain fog to clear, revealing the actions you need to take.  This is no time for fear.  Let it go and move forward!

Card #9 reveals your hopes and/or fears.  Into the Unknown (duh!) asks you to trust that you’ll be safe as you make your way into this unknown territory we are venturing into.  You will find your dreams taking shape before your eyes.  You won’t just find a path; you’ll create your path!

Card #10 gives us a glimpse of the possible outcome of this new year.  This final card is everything we could want but are afraid to expect:  Peaks of Joy!  You’ve worked hard for this achievement, you’re surrounded by true companions, events are falling into place synchronistically to bring you to the next level of your life.  Be filled with gratitude; it’s all paying off!  Most importantly of all, remember to share your joy with all those around you!

This is a lot to take in, so I’ll give you a brief summary.  We’re beginning 2021 with a keen awareness that while we’ve been through a lot, there is much to be revealed.  It is up to each of us to be alert and discerning, requiring information and clear answers while being discerning about the source and substance therein.  It will then be our responsibility to let the Conscious Universe express truth through our commitment to heartfelt communication.  It will be up to us to ask questions, speak up, and speak out.

We’ve been isolated for so many months, we may feel like we don’t belong anywhere!  It may take some effort, but it’s important that we venture outside our safety net and connect with like-minded and like-hearted people.  This sense of community will help us to emerge from the clouds of divisiveness and polarity that have caused so much pain and suffering to so many souls.  We’ll have the chance to partner with the Divine to allow creative expression to flow through us, finding that the true magic lies in the experience of answering the call to create!

We’ll have more opportunities to play with the notion of infinite possibilities and all that can lie beyond any limiting beliefs and discern what is possible.  Do you know intuitively that there is more to life than meets the eye?  Are you willing to act on that knowledge?  Let yourself stand with open arms, knowing that you are stepping into experiences that are potent and transformative.  Interested?  Contact me.

Ideally, what is our desired outcome for this year?    We’re all starving for balance!  We can take a moment to evaluate which areas of our life need balance and do what we can to restore that balance.  If you don’t know where to begin, please contact me!  Lots of good fortune and abundance lie ahead for us, but you may still be struggling with issues of self-worth, questioning whether or not you have anything of value to offer.  Well, of course you do!  The very act of sharing and compassion is what it’s all about. 

Be very clear about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs because the seeds that you plant and nourish will grow.  Weeds or roses, it’s entirely up to you and your partnership with the Gentle Gardener.  Dream big, dream beautiful, and take action.  Things are going to start moving forward (not “back to normal”), so expect the brain fog to begin clearing out to reveal the actions you need to take.  This is not a time for fear!  Let it go and move forward.

We’re going to be venturing Into the Unknown and you can trust that you’ll be safe as you make your way into this unknown territory ahead of us.  Our possible outcome?  Peaks of Joy!  More than we could have dared to ask for!  We’re seeing it come into focus ahead of us!


Welcome to 2021.  It won’t all fall into place at once and signs point to the first part of January being a little bumpy still.  However, I am finding much HOPE in what I’m seeing before us.  Want your own personal window into this next phase?  Please contact me!  Lets make an appointment and meet via Zoom or Skype!  If I can share some new information with you and thus light your path a bit more, I am so grateful for the opportunity!

 It is my honor to interpret these energy forecasts for you, giving you a notion of what is possible, and I am so grateful to my mentors who have graciously shared their time, talents and patience with me as I travel along my path.  Peace and blessings to you all!

 Continue your daily spiritual practice, be gentle with yourself and with those around you.  These are intense times and we are here together for a purpose.  What we do, matters.  Together, joined in love, we can accomplish more than we would ever dream!


As always . . .

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