Mother Gaia, Message of Spring, June 4, 2014

June 4, 2014

Mother Gaia, what is your message for me this beautiful morning?

My daughter, I have been enjoying the birth of this spring. The beauty that I have been able to achieve is miraculous and I feel that more of you appreciate what is available with each passing day. The perceived tragedy in other parts of your world are only clearings which prepare the way for more beauty to be manifest as we ascend fully into the Crystalline Solar Light and the New “Earth” that is becoming. Keep your eyes upward towards your Father Sky/Sandalphon and downward towards all that I offer. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the outward appearances that the 3rd dimensional egos are creating as this is also only a clearing of that which is now quickly rising to the surface to be transmuted by our brother Germaine’s beautiful Violet Flame. As we are all one, we are all contributing to this process and, as you read this morning about the Momentum for June, it is happening more quickly that any of you could have imagined. One raindrop does, in fact, realize that it is contributing to the flood, and each of you are beginning to grasp that whatever you do contributes to the ascension of all.

You are surrounded by much love and light and, as such, you are helping to transport those who live in your heart into that beautiful light. Fear not, as you are taking appropriate steps and realizing what is before you. I am here watching and I gently guide and counsel as you go. You are listening more closely and hearing more of what we are telling you with every passing moment. There are many who are joyous at the progress you are making.

The fairies and gnomes who live around you are blessing you each day and you are aware and appreciative of what they are making available to you and yours. Continue to celebrate, whether at home or at your job (best considered Joy Of Being, to keep your positive spin) all that you have around you. You are making all of that happen. You are co-creating that which you experience. You are sharing in the light and making it available to those who grace your presence.

Make time for yourself each day. Go within and ask for guidance, ask for answers. Give yourself the opportunity to transcribe what you are told, as each is a precious gift. Follow your intuitions and reach out to those who speak to you, whether in the physical or in your thoughts. All are possibilities; all are potential.

I love you, my child. Continue as your steps are guided and all will be well for us.

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