Lord Sananda-March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016

Lord Sananda

LordSanandaI am honored to join you on this auspicious evening.  Anticipating the continuation of the solar eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces is quite a bundle of energy that is being flooded into your world over these few days.  Many of you have been anticipating this energy download and will continue to welcome it with open arms, as it were.  Many more of you have been completely asleep and will find yourselves jolted awake as this energy raises your vibrations and prepares you for your mission here in this lifetime.  Fear not and do not worry, as all will occur in the perfect time frame, in the perfect manner and in the perfect order.  You have multitudes of angels, guardians, guides and loved ones who are waiting “in the wings” to step in and help you with whatever you desire to begin on.

Those of you who are the way-showers will glide right into your place at the forefront of this newest phase of movement.  You will find yourselves taking steps that you have only dreamed of, moving yourselves into where you need to be.  It will all fall into place; you only have to trust your intuition and the guidance you receive to know that you are moving in the right direction.

Those of you who are beginning your journey will find yourselves surrounded by others who will be able to show you the way, gently guide your steps and help you over and around the obstacles that may slow your progress.  You only have to trust your intuition and the guidance you receive to know that you are moving in the right direction.  Miracles will occur right before you, you will come to see your conscious co-creation in your day-to-day life.

Enjoy.  Breathe.  Spend time in quiet meditation.  Spend time in nature.  Listen to what Mother Earth has to say to you; you will not be disappointed.  There are many others among you who you do not yet recognize but who are ready to step out and greet you.  Do not be afraid, but embrace them as your brothers and sisters, for that is what they are.

Open your eyes, reach out your arms and embrace those beautiful souls around you as you all continue on this magnificent journey.  Follow my steps, follow my lead, listen to my guidance and the guidance of the other Ascended Masters who only wait for you to ask for their help.  Just like the Angels, the Ascended Masters are ready and willing to aid you however they can, but you must ask for their help.

We love you so much more than you can understand.  Come join us!