Gaia-Energy of 2015

MOTHER GAIA – New Energy of 2015

Ah, my Sweet One, at last you ask for the guidance that you seek. You long for peace and stillness, and you shall have it. For now, however, your energy is required to help ease the transitions that you see going on around you. You are just where you need to be for the present. Allow yourself to relax and flow with the rhythms that you feel around you. Respond to your own intuitions, the voices that whisper to you, your guidance. Those who counsel you have a broader, higher point of view, as you know, and they will not fail to guide you where you need and want to be to effect the greatest transformation possible.

Remember to breathe, as that is something that you forget to do as you go through your day. The time that you are spending in quiet meditation is helping you tremendously, but you must continue to breathe. Yes, just like that. And again. As you breathe, so will those around you follow your example, for your influence reaches farther than you realize.

All is falling into place as you have determined it would. Trust that you, your Higher Self and your Council of Guides have it all under their advisement, and all will come about as for the highest good of all. I must laugh just a bit, as I see you second-guessing your movements and struggling just a bit to make sure that it is all perfect. (hands on my shoulders, a little shake and a sigh) Trust that it is all perfect. When you take a moment and look back on where you’ve come, read through your notes and think about the changes that have come about, you will see once again that all is as it should be.

I love you, my children. Continue as you’ve begun. We will have much to say to each other as these next weeks pass.