Oracle Card Readings

ex: General Oracle Card Reading

General Oracle Card Reading

A 6-card intuitive reading with an additional over-arching theme card to provide confirmation and support. Access to your reading for up to two weeks will be provided in the case of a remote reading via Zoom. Also available in a 3-month package.

Focused readings available to look more specifically at love/relationships, health and wellness, career or abundance. Other specialized readings can be scheduled; i.e. New Moon, Full Moon, birthday or anniversary. You can indicate your preference when you book your reading.

Personal Oracle Card Reading for 2022-23

ex: Six card Oracle Card Reading

Wouldn’t you love to see what possibilities the remainder of 2022 holds for you? What’s coming up in 2023? I’ll do a classic Celtic Cross Spread using one or more of my Oracle Card decks to give you an idea of what to expect. If you schedule a remote reading over Zoom, you’ll have access to your reading for up to two months, so you’ll have a chance to take lots of notes.