Lord Sananda/Master Jesus speaks about Homelessness-Nov 6, 2014

Message from Lord Sananda
November 6, 2014

Homelessness is not something new on your planet. It is not something new in your country. Homelessness has been a part of the life on this planet since humans first claimed space and began seeking privacy. There have always been those who lived on the edges of society, on the edges of the culture, who chose not to become a part of, or who were unable to conform to the demands that their society put into place. Those are the ones who have always found themselves “homeless.”

There have been those among you who chose to live apart, who chose to strengthen their bond with Nature, and made their living in the forests, in the mountains, deep in the valleys away from the eyes of most of their neighbors. For many, it has been a choice to seek the peace and tranquility of solitude, where they could listen to the sounds of the world around them. Where they could commune with the spirits and elementals and visitors from other dimensions without interference from others who would not be understanding or receptive.

There have also been those who, because of the energetic frequencies that they brought with them into this third dimensional existence, have been unable to adapt and adjust to day-to-day life within the society of the time. Their behavior was “different” as they responded freely to the words they were hearing from their guides and guardians. Their neighbors had long ago closed those channels of communication and had forgotten that they even had relationships with others beyond the third dimensional world in front of their eyes. Being confronted with one who was obviously open to that contact was disturbing, unsettling, disruptive to the accepted way of living. Fear entered the picture, as human beings have tended to fear that which they do not understand, or is different from themselves. In an effort to maintain the “status quo” pressures were brought to bear on those who remained in contact with the “unseen” and those individuals were set apart, confined and isolated. Some of them were able to make their way out of the community to a place where they could live safely and quietly. Some were forced to live in captivity, with their every word and movement observed and quantified.

The time is coming, Dear Ones, when that will not be necessary, not be possible. Soon it will be that even the dullest mind, even the narrowest belief system, even the most asleep among you will find themselves sitting up and observing the very phenomena that they have resisted for so long. It will come very soon, and you will all be among the first to stand up and cheer and greet with open arms the beings that so many have avoided and resisted. As the many Beings of Light make themselves known in a very real way among you, as the veil is not only thinned but shredded, those who have had their eyes tightly closed will find they are peeking through their fingers to get a glimpse of the light.

That light, that Light, will grow so bright, so brilliant, that even those who are without the use of their physical eyes will be able to perceive the glimmer. That Light will shine so brightly and with such intensity that there will be no room left for the shadows. Any beings on this planet who still choose to see the darkness, who choose to continue to avoid the Light, will gently be assisted into another existence in another dimension. They will not have their free will and free choice taken away from them. And those of you who choose to see will not be forced to live with the darkness any longer.

There will be such an out pouring of love that all of humanity will be swept up in the tidal wave and there will be such beautiful music that will be heard on the very breezes. The trees and the flowers will join in and the birds and animals will echo each note. The human beings will be so filled with love for themselves and for each other that they will not notice the differences in the actions of the stones and rivers, in the birds and animals, in the trees and mountains around them. It will all be accepted as the way it is to be. All will be a great celebration of the achievement that is Ascension.

And none will be homeless.

My blessings on you all, now and forever. Amen.