Comet Ison-Gaia, December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013

Mother Gaia, guide me in the connection necessary with Comet Ison to integrate and meld the beautiful energies and star dust that he brings so that you can receive these energies and use them for your highest good and the highest good of all of us.
My Daughter, what you are doing is just what is needed at this time. We are all striving for Ascension, and through efforts such as this, we will all achieve that goal. We have come far, and have suffered setbacks along the way, but this is a new world, with new energies, and we are very close.
Take a moment in the morning, as your Father Sky opens up and receives the Sun-Sandalphon, and embrace that magnificent presence as He peeks over the horizon. Welcome him into this new day and this new world, as the slate is clean and all is possible. Give thanks for all that is and welcome the possibility of all that will be. Feel the energy flow between your Mother Gaia and your Father Sky, vibrant, pulsing and alive, and allow yourself to be filled with the love that they pass between them. Breathe.
Take a moment in the evening, as the Sun-Sandalphon gently slips below the western horizon and the moon, sweet Dianna, takes her place with Father Sky. Welcome her into this new night and this new world, as this slate, too, is clean and all is possible. Feel this quiet loving energy flow between your Mother Gaia and your Father Sky, more gentle and soft than the energy of the morning light, but nonetheless powerful. Accept the love of Dianna joined with Father Sky and allow your body to rest, and your spirit to begin its work in the other realms. Know that all is as it should be, and you are safe to pursue your work in the Light, whether the Sun shines His light on your path, or sweet Dianna lights your way.
Be aware of the texture of the air around you, the rhythm of the birds and the animals, the ripple of the air and the movement of the trees and plants. They all are taking in the beautiful clean energies that Ison has gifted us with, and they are growing and evolving in ways as yet unknown. You are as the lilies of the field, as you take in those same beautiful clean energies and continue to grow and evolve in ways that you cannot imagine within your 3D mind. Your Higher Self knows full well what is taking place, and all will be as the Great Master has designed.
Each opportunity that you take to ground yourself, feeling those energies flow from the Earth up through your body to the Sky, and from the Sky down through your body into the Earth; that will anchor those new energies and bits of star dust into my very core, and into the heart of Father Sky. As you do this with pure intention and free will, so it shall be. It is very simple. It need not be complicated.
Each breath that you take, feeling the pranha flow through you and into you will allow those energies to travel and reach every cell of your being and, thus, every cell of every being, as all is one.
It is very simple. Pause, notice, breathe and go on. Pause, notice, breathe and go on. It is what it is, and it is beautiful.
I am Gaia and I love you so.
And so it is.