Message from Mother Gaia, January 9, 2014

Dear Mother Gaia, those of us who are here on your beautiful blue-green planet at this time and wish to serve in the highest way possible now ask of you, how can we best prepare ourselves for this new cycle of 2014? What can we do that will help us to best serve you and what can we expect in this 2nd year of this glorious New Age?

Ah, my Sweet One ~
Thank you for all that you currently do, as we travel this path of Ascension together. It is comforting, is it not, to know that none of us are traveling alone; as we are all linked, and all are One, we are traveling this path together. It is truly a glorious road trip, with stops along the way to see the sights, experience the culture and grab a bite to eat, then off again.

You have already seen and experienced evidence of the “new” in this new year of 2014, as the first day was ushered in by the first New Moon. My Sister, Venus, is in retrograde for a time and as She begins to move forward again, you will see the results of Her rest period, Her gathering of Her energies, and what She will accomplish in this next phase. As you heard during the last cycle (2013), the weather is continuing to change and shift as we bring new energies into the atmosphere and into us all. There will continue to be periods of extreme cold and extreme heat, winds and rains, storms and calms. This will level out around the planet, and will serve to help the new energies brought here by the Comet Ison to permeate all life here and Gaia herself. The rains and the snows are washing the energy down to the earth and helping it to seep into the ground, where all the plants and animals can benefit. The warmth will help to seal the energies into the ground where they can spread and nurture all who seek their warmth.

The varied weather will also serve to inspire those scientists who work with such things to pursue using those elements to make your life more pleasant. What I speak of is storing the energy of the Sun for use as heat, storing the energy of the Wind, using more the power of the Water as it flows. You understand what I am saying. More efficient methods will become more available and more widespread.

And you, my Sweet Ones, you want to know how you can prepare to serve me and yourselves in this new cycle?

First and foremost, love yourselves, for if you don’t love yourself, you cannot love another. Set aside time each day to nurture your body and your spirit, through meditation, spending time outside, walking or running, planting, reaping, making and enjoying music or art of any kind. Understand that this is just as important as getting to work on time, preparing meals, caring for your home and your family. Your pitcher must be full, or you are not able to pour for another. Your bodies are miraculous things that can heal quickly and completely when given the opportunity and the fuel. Do not shortchange yourselves by pushing yourselves too hard, expecting too much, ignoring the signs that you are given to STOP, relax, rest and restore. This is the most important thing you can do.

Listen to your inner guidance, your intuition, your Higher Self, your Angels. Put your mind at rest and follow your heart. Allow your mind to take care of the practical matters, breathing, walking, or directing the functions of your body. Your mind is not capable of living your life; follow your heart.

This is enough for now. There will be more questions, and more answers to come. For now, trust and know that I love you and I welcome your love and attention.

I am Mother Gaia. Namaste.