Mother Gaia, Following the Summer Solstice, June 21-22, 2014

Oh, my Sweet One, I am so happy this day, bathing in the rays of my Beloved Sandalphon and drinking in the radiance that He is providing us all! The blessings that are also falling on all of you, as you wrap up your celebrations of this magnificient time in our cycle, will surely speed us all on our way through the Ascension process that we are all a part of.

Each of you is a bright light that is shining through any remaining darkness. Each of you continues to grow and expand in your gifts, celebrating yourselves and each other as you take a step each day. The Violet light from our Brother Germaine continues to clear away the lingering darkness and provide balance for us all. Use it whenever you can to heal, to create, to nurture, to console! He has made it abundant and put it at our disposal to use as we wish – let us not allow this gift to be idle! It is a powerful tool to be used alone or to be combined with our other gifts to magnify what each of you has to offer.

The journey up to the mountain was truly magnificent and a fitting end to your celebrations. The rays of the Sun blessed you throughout your time together and carried your energies deep into my heart to nourish and sustain my efforts along my own path, just as they will nourish and sustain your individual and collective efforts. I thank you, my daughters, my sisters, for your love and attention.

Continue to rejoice and celebrate! I love having your feet on my breast and your bodies in my waters! Each interaction that we share makes us all stronger and more clear, ready to take the next step. Know that you are never alone, my Company of Elementals are always at your side to support your efforts. The Great Ones in the oceans are always available for you, as well; you have only to ask for their support.

Let us enjoy now, this beautiful season that graces my Northern Hemisphere! Revel in the beauties that surround you and drink in every blessing that is being sent your way. I love you all!

I am Gaia. Namaste.