Lord Sananda/Master Jesus on the Eve of His Birthday

Dec 24, 2014
Lord Sananda/Master Jesus

While you gather together your friends and family during this season of Light and Rebirth, remember the souls who have cycled before you and are now experiencing their time of rest and renewal. Think with love about their accomplishments, great or small according to 3D standards.

Remember with love their attempts to live, love and recall their purpose. Know that, as their eyes closed in one dimension, they opened in another, and all was revealed for them in the truest sense. Know that they have reviewed their time on earth, rejoiced at their successes, accepted and understood where their efforts fell short, and they have been renewed in their ability and deserve to have another go at a lifetime mission in some form.

Each step that is taken, every hand that is outstretched, every time you get back up – every attempt towards love increases the light in this dimension and brings you, your beautiful Planet, and Gaia herself, closer to Ascension. As you all come closer to the acceptance that all are one, all are on the same team, all are on the same side then you truly accept and understand that LOVE is all there is, LOVE is all you need, LOVE is the answer, LOVE is the way home.

It’s so simple, really.

Blessings and beautiful golden white light surround you all, on this day and every day!

And Happy Birthday to me!!

And so it is. :0)