Archangel Azreal Aug 25, 2015


Archangel Azreal, I feel your presence and I welcome you. I am honored to hear your message and to pass it along to those who seek to hear your words.
My children, as you may know, I am referred to as the Angel of Death. While that has many negative connotations in your world, please know that my work is very important and has many more meanings than the sadness and despair that many of you attribute to death.

A recent popular song in your world states that “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” This sentiment applies so clearly to the work that I do in guiding souls from your third dimensional existence back to the Source from which you all originate. Despite the notion that so many of you have that death is final, that it is the end, that it is sad, please open your hearts and your eyes and recognize that death in your dimension is only the end of one phase of existence.

With the changes that are coming to your planet, there will be many more souls who will be choosing to make their transition from this plane to another. This is done with the help and support of many souls who travel between the dimensions, from one planet to another, from one galaxy to another, assisting in the transition as requested and pre-arranged. They offer support and encouragement as a great awakening takes place and the souls are reminded of their journey, their purpose, and remember that this transition is indeed a part of the whole.

You will be aware of many of us who will be lending our assistance, our comfort and our support throughout the next several months as these foretold changes come about. You will recognize the forms of some, you will be surprised at the forms of some (think of the animals that you think of as service animals, or mythological, or extinct) and you will be shocked in your human minds at some of the guides who appear when you least expect them. Do not be afraid, but follow your hearts and your intuition, as you will recognize even the most unconventional of the guides who will appear.

You, now known as Tamarah, as the time passes, you will quickly take in stride the changes that occur. You will recognize at some level that all is as was predicted, whether believed or not, and you will find comfort in the level of acceptance that you feel. Others will look to you as a measure of accuracy and you will find that you are an important liaison during the transition. This is what you have been preparing for and all will be as it should be.

More of my comrades will be making their presence known to you in the coming days and we look forward to sharing our messages through you. Please continue to keep your mind and this beautiful channel open and ready for what we have to say. Look for our nudges and clues, so that you will be ready to take a few minutes and record what we tell you. As you proceed, you will find that there will be little bits and pieces of information that come through at the least expected times, but you will be able to jot them down and compile them as needed.

You are greatly appreciated and loved for all you are and all you do. You are living up to our highest expectations, although you may doubt it at this time. Wait and see, my dear one, wait and see!

You have my greatest respect and so much love. Please know that I am folding you into my arms and holding you close to my heart!

I am Archangel Azreal!

Gaia, Summer Solstice 2015

June 27, 2015
The beginnings of the summer solstice season – Gaia

This period that we are now in, these days following the solstice, are critical in establishing the flow of energy that will carry us through into autumn. Day by day, evening by evening, you will not notice so much the passage of time or the small occurrences that take place. The Important Events, such as those that have occurred in recent hours in the United States, will gain much attention, as well they should. But the small day-to-day occurrences will pass largely unnoticed. And then, at the time of the autumnal equinox, you will look back over these days and realize all that has come to pass, by comparing where you find yourselves to where you were on these days.

The veils are indeed thinner, time is flowing in a much more fluid manner, all preparing you for the instant of the Great Shift, when all will move into the new way of being. It will occur gradually, so as not to alarm the general population, but those of you who have awakened, or are in the process of awakening, are aware of these changes. It is good and we all will continue to rejoice and celebrate this growth and shift.

Continue to prepare your bodies, keeping them fit, clean and healthy, so that they can serve you effectively when the time comes. Continue to maintain your daily meditation practices, so that your spirit is ready to respond when the call sounds. Continue to nourish the flame that lives in each of you, being aware that everyone you meet has that same flame burning inside them. Let yourself see beyond the superficial and recognize the Divine in each one of you. Remember that you are all on your own path, and each of you is doing your best to walk your own particular walk. Many lessons are being learned, and not all are evident on the surface.

For those of you who are able, spend even a few minutes in nature each day. Even a small dose will nourish your soul and clear your mind, allowing you to focus on the beauty and joy that surrounds you and feeds your innermost being. Notice the little things that surround you as you pass through your day. Take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the sights, scents, sounds and sensations that are available to you. The few moments that you devote to these activities will repay you a thousand-fold in peace of mind and serenity of body.

Remove yourself whenever possible from the daily drama that those of lower vibration revel in; it does not serve you, or them, to join in. Maintain a loving distance and focus your attention in your heart space, your sacred chamber within your being, and you will find that the drama and the chaos dissipate in your presence. The others will truly “take it outside.”
Remember that you are never alone. You are surrounded by all manner of Light Beings who are waiting to assist you as you ask them. You are in the company of many Elemental Beings who are overjoyed when you allow them to serve their purpose here among us. You have many guides and Angels who watch over you, sending you signs and signals, giving you small boosts of encouragement along your way. That coin you find in the parking lot, the feather resting on your windshield, the pretty leaf that drifts in through your window, all are signs and signals that you are greatly loved and highly appreciated for the service that you provide, simply by being you.

We all await with great anticipation the playing out of this next phase of our Ascension. We will do this together, my children, and we will do this joyously!

I am Gaia, your Mother Earth, and I love you all!