The materials in these sessions are presented with the highest and best intentions and were designed to harmonize with all belief systems. Amazing healing results are possible with Whale and Dolphin Energy Light Medicine. When you are willing to open to your own power with this work, opening your heart and belief systems, you will know core level healing is available through your connection to the Whales, Dolphins and Celestial Light Beings. Information provided in the Oracle Card Readings is intended for entertainment purposes. To become a new client, simply book online or call/text 304-261-1306

Prescriptive possibilities rather than a predictive reading!

General Oracle Card Reading

A 6-card intuitive reading with an additional over-arching theme card to provide confirmation and support. Access to your reading for up to two weeks will be provided in the case of a remote reading via Zoom. Also available in a 3-month package.

Focused readings available to look more specifically at love/relationships, health and wellness, career or abundance. Other specialized readings can be scheduled; i.e. New Moon, Full Moon, birthday or anniversary. You can indicate your preference when you book your reading.

The Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) are helping us raise our vibrations and heal our bodies in order to experience our true self. They speak of their ability to calibrate our DNA, adjusting the Divinity within us that was implanted over 100,000 years ago by our Star families and the Galactic Federation. We are returning to the Quantum state one day at a time and we are really beginning to activate our gifts which have been primarily dormant. Many people are connecting now to the whales and dolphins and are able to accelerate their healing and abilities to manifest in their lives. Welcome to the new world where the animals are the greater body of healers and teachers!

Now offering Corona Virus Whale Healing & Immunity Shield from the White Whales

Whales Work Wonders

What if you knew you did not have to go to battle with the Corona Virus?
What if there was a way to live peacefully now, without fear, knowing that the Corona Virus has NO POWER over you?
Experience a personal healing and create a Shield of Light and Immunity

The Corona Virus is here and the fear of contracting this disease has gone around the world very quickly.  The Great Whales have shared with me that they would like to offer a Healing and Alignment session for everyone who is interested in creating a Shield of Light and Immunity to the Corona Virus.

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I have been working with various healing modalities since 2012 developing my spiritual gifts, having been on this path since the early 1980s.  I have many tools in my toolbox including homeopathy, flower remedies, crystals, essential oils, channeling and energy work.  I am a Certified Practitioner in Whale and Dolphin Energy Light Healing through the Omni Dimensional Mystery School  and am now certified to offer this brand new healing modality coordinated with the 13 White Whale Creator Council Members, the Celestial Star Council of Light and our powerful Andara crystal grid.

Recently, the Whales shared with us that they can help people who want to raise their vibration to avoid the Corona Virus.
The Whales are offering a Sacred Healing and Alignment Session where they will create a Sacred Energy Field around you, placing you in a Golden Orb of Light that will function as a Shield of Light regarding the Corona Virus.
They can also heal those of you that have contracted the virus and move you into a higher vibrational place where the virus is disabled and non-functional.

Never before have we specifically worked together to disable a virus.
The Whales have shown us a process to summon them etherically.  They have said they will answer the call to come to specific homes and people who ask for their help, and they will disable the virus if it is present.  They will also create a Shield of Light around the people who ask for this healing and they will create an instant immunity to the corona virus.  The virus will be repelled with this harmonic and the new resonant Shield of Light.  The virus will then be harmless to those who choose to upgrade their physical vehicles with the assistance of the Great Whales.

The Whales have shared that the entire healing and transformational experience can happen in about 90 minutes.  The Whales are multi-dimensional Beings that work at the quantum level.  Once they are given permission from the human, they coordinate with your Soul.  They have the ability to work with our human DNA, accessing oscillating photonic Source Light for our healing alignments.  The process of creating a Light Body for a human involves working with the crystalline molecules to create and encode a Zero Point energy field.  Zero Point is the underlying energetic of absolute interconnected stillness.  ZERO POINT is the presence of all that is, infinite and neutral.  From this place you are offered a boundless state of possibility and you can step out of duality and all false realities.

This Healing Session will be presented ONLINE via my Zoom Room.
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Cost – $25 per person

I plan to offer these group sessions regularly, as we are all experiencing this remarkable transitional period of time. If you’ve read this far, this is likely just the experience you’ve been searching to find.

Disclaimer:  Energy Medicine is most effective when the client is able to be in their heart, surrendering the fear and polarity of the mind.  You are encouraged to open your belief system to multiple realities of great love when experiencing Whale Energy Medicine.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: This special online group session can be paid for through PayPal, allowing you to use all credit or debit cards. AND you do not need to have a PayPal account for this process.

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  2. Mention “Immunity Shield”
  3. Complete transaction
  4. Payments are non-refundable, but in some cases can be transferred to another person

Whale Energy Healing & Clearing Session

Private or Group Session. This is the initial session and is required to introduce the client to the healing energy of the Great Whales. Using a high vibration, beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation, the client has the opportunity to state their individual intentions and read prepared affirmations which give consent for their involvement and make the client an integral part of the session. A relaxing guided meditation followed by a personal channeled message from the Great Whales rounds out the experience. Time is allowed at the end for the client to gently return to full awareness and briefly process the session. All Whale and Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions include essential oils (if desired) and our powerful Andara crystals, either physically or etherically. Available online through Zoom platform only or by phone. Contact for local availability.

Light Body Activations with the Great White Whales

Private or Group Session. (Available only after a Healing & Clearing Session with the Whales) In these sessions, the Great White Whales access your Akashic Records, including your original Soul Blueprint, with the intention of assisting you to return to your original state of existence. This energetic technique uses the vehicle of the Great Humpback Whales as the stewards for humanity, able to assist us in healing and restoring ourselves at the subatomic level. Your Higher Self will guide this process, clearing negative cellular memory and beginning to fire the original genetic light codes into your physical body, allowing for a graceful transition and increase in vibration. These sessions include a high vibration, beautifully executed PowerPoint presentation and a relaxing guided meditation, followed with a personal channeled message and a chance to briefly process the experience. All Whale and Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions include essential oils (if desired) and our powerful Andara crystals, either physically or etherically. Available online through Zoom platform only, or by phone. Contact for local availability.

Dolphin DNA Calibration

Private Session. (Available only after a Healing & Clearing Session with the Whales and a minimum of one Light Body Activation) The Dolphins are the ambassadors of joy. They access our Akashic Records and use color and sound as healing modalities. Through these sessions, and with your consent, the Dolphins connect with you and your DNA, allowing it to shift to access your greater potentials. These sessions include a warm salt-water foot bath, a high vibration, beautifully executed PowerPoint presentation and relaxing guided meditation, followed by a personal channeled message from the Dolphins and a chance to briefly process the experience. All Whale and Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions include essential oils (if desired) and our powerful Andara crystals, either physically or etherically. Online through Zoom platform only, or by phone. Contact to determine local availability. May be combined with a Light Body Activation with the Whales when indicated.