Monthly Oracle Reading

February 2020

10 of Water from The Good Tarot Tick Tock from Wisdom of the Oracle

Short and sweet this month, two cards for the sweet month of February.  10 of Water in the Good Tarot equates with the 10 of Cups in traditional tarot, the suit which relates to emotion and relationships.  Because we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14, in the US at least – and I’m not going to get into who St Valentine really was and how this is another holiday created by large retail companies when romance has nothing to do with . . . blah, blah, blah – we think of romance and relationships and those we love during this month.  Anyone not in a committed or healthy relationship is left to feel on the outside of this celebration, which certainly stirs up other emotions.

Here’s the thing:  How we approach our relationships is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, how we value ourselves (or not).  If we can accept ourselves unconditionally, not judging based on the dictates of society, then we’re better able to have a clear picture of what we want in a relationship.  We can all take some time and do some inner healing work to clear the misunderstandings and general debris that has accumulated during our life thus far.  This month of February is the perfect time to begin.  Our inner healing work helps us understand that we don’t need to please others to be loved and accepted. When we can love ourselves completely, we don’t need to fit into someone else’s mold.

This happy Buddah with his ten pearls shows us a lovely portrait of serenity, peace, good fortune (the pearls) and well-being.  He lets you know that all is well with the world and with you.  He even supplies the mantra for the month:

“Well-being is my natural state.  Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly.  I feel joy and express it to others as I look around and see all the love that we share.  I take pleasure in all I have accomplished.  Whatever attention I receive or don’t receive, I am serene, for I know full well what it took for me to get where I am.  I celebrate myself and all who traveled the road with me and feel grateful to Spirit for being my companion always.”

Our second card for the month is Tick Tock, which lets us know that “time is on our side, yes, it is.”  (Rolling Stones, old song, sorry, I had to.)  This brings us to another interesting place: time and the passage thereof.

In many places on social media, I’ve seen references to the perceived passage of time.  Since January 1, many of these references have been about how long January has seemed.  Example: “Thirty days has September, April, June and November.  Unless a leap year is its fate, February has twenty-eight.  All the rest have three days more, excepting January, which has six thousand, one hundred and eighty-four.” (thank you, Brian Bilston) I find this fascinating since people usually complain about how quickly time passes.  “It’s already Thanksgiving??  It’s almost Christmas!  Where did the time go?”

I read a newsletter earlier in the month from a wonderful lightworker and author, Abby Wynne,, that began with the question “Did 2020 start without you?”  So, in fact, has our perception of time shifted and does this mean that we are closer to being able to control or manipulate time?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  There’s a place for a whole discussion about time not being linear but actually everything is happening at once in multiple dimensions or on multiple timelines, with the possibility of our being able to step in and out of those timelines as we choose.  This is not that place.

The word from Tick Tock is that we have all the time in the world to co-create the life we desire.  Whether it’s the life you want, the relationship you’ve been longing for, the prosperity that seems just out of reach, the message is clear.  Stay positive, remain in high-vibration thoughts and feelings, and you will align with your highest calling and your highest good in no time at all, like magic.  Let go of your need to shape each moment to your expectations, knowing that what is yours will never be withheld from you.  You have plenty of time to review the past year and organize your goals and dreams for 2020.

Enjoy this peaceful and serene month to do some serious self-care.  Take advantage of the shorter (but ever lengthening) days and longer nights to go within and do some soul searching.  Treat yourself to a manicure, a pedicure, a massage, a facial.  Diffuse the essential oil blend Serenity (available from your doTerra Wellness Advocate) to support you through this month.  Keep a big chunk of rose quartz nearby to support that sweet heart of yours.  Schedule that healing session that you’ve been considering.  Tackle that closet and get rid of the clothes and shoes that you haven’t even looked at for more than a year.  Anything that allows you peace and space and breath is going to put you in a better place to accept yourself for who you are, not what you accomplish in the outside world.  Fill up your pitcher first and then share the overflow with those around you.

We look forward with love and anticipation to the gifts that 2020 will bring.  We give thanks for the surprises, the challenges and the rewards that we’ve been given.  We recognize that we are blessed to be here on this beautiful planet at this time.  We hope to always serve the Light of our Creator with love and to always do our part to the very best of our ability.  We ask for the strength to always go and be exactly where we need to be to manifest our Creator’s divine master plan of Love.  We pray now for the highest good of all beings, in all places and at all times.

I wish you peace, joy and harmony as we embrace the serenity.  I am grateful for your love and encouragement as I navigate my journey.  Please remember that I am honored to offer you healing sessions and Oracle readings to help ease your burdens, soothe your pain and light your way, even just a little.