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Oracle Reading for April

LakshmiGoddess Power Oracle Come Together – Enchanted Map Oracle

Strength (protection) Enchanted Map Oracle Details, DetailsEnchanted Map Oracle

Suggested Crystal Lemurian Quartz Suggested Essential Oil Blend Bergamot, Petitgrain, Pink Pepper, Geranium

Suggested Mantra I AM safe at home, I am not stuck at home.

The Oracle is offering us support and encouragement from a different perspective and I’m excited to share it with you.  I’d love to hear your reaction, as well.  We’re individuals with a free will and our own unique point of view.

Lakshmi from the Goddess Power Oracle sets the tone for April, suggesting that we view whatever we’re handed with grace, thankful for the opportunity contained therein.  Here is the Hindu goddess of luck and prosperity telling us to share our good fortune, combined with gratitude, praise and a commitment to serve.  This is how to make your good fortune multiply, returning to you one hundredfold.    

Come Together from The Enchanted Map Oracle confirms Lakshmi’s message, telling us that love needs to be shared, whether the expression is romantic, with family, unconditional or spiritual.  This is a time for harmonious, caring partnerships.

Strength, in protection position, also from The Enchanted Map Oracle, cautions us to take care of our health and physical well-being.  Exercise, rest and proper nutrition are especially necessary now to keep us in balance.  Face the reality of your situation and give proper attention where it’s needed.  Let go of what’s robbing you of your life force and know that something better will take its place.

Details, Details from The Enchanted Map Oracle is about paying attention to the fine print in all areas of our lives.  What you need to know right now lies in the details; clarity and transparency are key.  Especially watch for minute body language, offhand remarks and fleeting facial expressions that may reveal a larger picture.

Lemurian Quartz is the suggested crystal for us this month and I’ve drawn from The Crystal Spirits Oracle for clarification.  This is a stone of vision, big picture thinking and unlocking the secrets of infinite possibility.

I was guided to add an essential oil blend to support us this month and, in addition to On Guard, which I would suggest for its protective properties, I’ve been given a blend of Bergamot, Petitgrain, Pink Pepper & Geranium.  I’m currently diffusing seven drops each of Bergamot, Petitgrain and Pink Pepper with three drops of Geranium in my office and the bright citrus-y scent with just a touch of love is helping to keep my heart open, and my mind clear and focused.

I originally put the messages of the cards together with the crystal and the essential oil blend and wrote it up in a rather neutral, vague sounding interpretation.  It’s a genuine analysis that you could read and draw your own conclusions.  I did it that way, honestly, because I’m so tired of the talk and the fear and the anxiety and the hedging and the lying that I didn’t even want to get into that energy.  I’ve let it sit overnight and percolate and I can’t let myself off the hook.  It feels like it’s my responsibility to present this information as directly and concisely as I can.  This reading directly applies to our global situation and that’s how I’m going to relay it to you.  I even considered posting both versions and giving you the option to choose which one you prefer, but I’m not doing that either.  Take a deep breath.  Here you go!

The goddess Lakshmi is calling us to join together, sharing our love, our compassion, our resources, our energy, our experience, our wisdom, our beauty.  Now is the time to recognize those around us as our family, our community, and align with the concept of living in the “pod mind” for the good of the many, rather than the good of the few or the one.  (Do you recognize the Star Trek movie reference, when Mr Spock gives his life to save the lives of the crew of his ship?)

Lakshmi’s message is expanded by Come Together, which calls us again to share our love and form harmonious, caring partnerships that will then have the potential to grow and expand as we move forward through this transformative time.  Strength, in protection position, cautions us to follow the guidelines for staying home, limiting physical contact with others, washing our hands and allowing ourselves the rest, exercise and good nutrition that our bodies are requesting.  This, too, will prepare us for what lies ahead.  Details, Details is reminding us that it’s our responsibility to do our own research, read the fine print and follow our intuition for accuracy and the highest vibrational information that we can find.  We’ve allowed ourselves to be misled, misdirected and lied to by the entities that we’ve depended on to lead and protect us; it’s up to us now to reclaim our voice and our freedom.  What if this is our opportunity?

Lemurian Quartz will help us to see the big picture, see the forest rather than getting sidetracked with the trees.  Meditating with this stone, sleeping with it under your pillow or by your bed can help you to unlock the secrets of the infinite possibilities before you.  Enter your meditation with the intention of seeing your life, your world as you want it to be.  Go to sleep asking that your guides and angels help you to see the amazing potentials that could await you.  Diffuse the April Essential Oil Blend of Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Petitgrain and Geranium. It may help to relieve those feelings of despair and self-judgment (such as, you haven’t really been doing enough) and help you see your life with more optimism.  What if we can learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before us, knowing that our self-worth doesn’t lie in comparison with others, but in being patient, kind and loving with ourselves AND those we interact with!  Can we believe that people are innately good?  That we’re all doing the best we can??

April offers us a hugely transitional and transformative opportunity; what we do with it is up to each of us.  To quote certified Vedic Master Davidji (, “Shine your light brighter when it’s dark.  In every change is a lesson . . . we can hold our breath for the next six months, or we can learn to breathe.”

What will you choose?

As March came to a close, we experienced the Spring Equinox, a New Moon, our entrance into the Zodiac sign of Aries, which marks the astrological New Year, and the advance of the virus with all the changes that have accompanied it.  As we move forward into April, I would ask that you stay in your hearts as well as in your homes, draw your loved ones as close as you can and know that together, joined in love, we can accomplish so much more than we can alone.  If you’re not sure how to stay in your heart, contact me and I’ll give you some easy-to-follow guidelines.

We continue to move forward with love and anticipation of the many gifts and accomplishments that we can realize in 2020.  We give thanks for the surprises, the challenges and the rewards that we’ve been given.  We recognize that we are blessed to be here on this beautiful planet at this time and we are ever grateful for the unseen Lightworkers who are always available when we call on their assistance and support.  We hope to always serve the Light of our Creator with love and to always do our part to the very best of our ability.  We ask for the strength to always go and be exactly where we need to be to manifest our Creator’s divine master plan of Love.  We pray now for the highest good of all beings, in all places and at all times.

I love you and I am grateful for your love and encouragement as I navigate my journey.  Please remember that I am honored to offer you energy healing sessions and Oracle readings to help ease your burdens, soothe your pain and light your way, even just a little.  They’re all just as effective remotely as they are in person.  Namaste.