Monthly Oracle Reading

Oracle Reading for June with Crystal and Essential Oils

EponaGoddess Power Oracle Wide OpenThe Enchanted Map Oracle

Peaks of JoyThe Enchanted Map Oracle Ride the WaveThe Enchanted Map Oracle

ListeningThe Enchanted Map Oracle Suggested Crystal -Obsidian

Suggested Essential Oil Blend Breathe, Frankincense, Rosemary, Pink Pepper

Oracle Cards

Epona from the Goddess Power Oracle is here with reassurance that you can do anything you set your attention on and you’ll find that you can easily accomplish what’s necessary when the time comes.  Be true to who you are, maintaining your integrity and humility as well as your enthusiasm for the tasks you take on.  Whether you know it or not, others see you as a role model, watching how you manage your accomplishments and your failures and losses.

Wide Open from The Enchanted Map Oracle reinforces Epona’s wisdom with encouragement to expand your horizons beyond what you believe are your limitations.  Express your unique voice!  The world is in desperate need of new ideas and approaches right now, so speak up and speak out!

Peaks of Joy, also from The Enchanted Map Oracle, confirms your actions with assured success!  You and your community have just the right energy and skills to accomplish the next step, ushering you to the next level.

Ride the Wave from The Enchanted Map Oracle also tells you that the tide has turned, and you can ride the wave of abundance.  You have what you need – talents, hopes and dreams – as well as people and circumstances that show up just in time to take shape in a wave of spectacular activity.  You’re definitely on the right path!

Finally, Listening, from The Enchanted Map Oracle, is reminding you to listen with your heart, not only to what is spoken but to what is NOT being said at present.  Listening in this way brings you clarity and ensures greater understanding of what is happening.

Crystal with Essential Oils

Obsidian is the suggested crystal for us this month and I’ve drawn from The Crystal Spirits Oracle for clarification.  This is a stone of self-reflection, knowing, respecting and loving yourself.

I’ve again added an essential oil blend to support us this month.  Just to be on the safe side, I would continue using the On Guard blend (also known as Thieves Oil), for its protective properties, perhaps adding a drop or two of Oregano for a boost if needed.  To help things flow a little more smoothly, I’ve been given a blend of Breathe blend (containing laurel [bay], eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree oil, lemon, cardamom and ravensara), Frankincense, Pink Pepper and Rosemary.  I’m currently diffusing three drops of Breathe with five drops each of Frankincense, Pink Pepper and Rosemary in my office to help me keep my heart open, my vibration up and my thoughts positive.

Epona, the Celtic/Roman goddess of leadership and guidance, offers us her wisdom; know that if you put your mind to it, maintaining your integrity and humility, you can accomplish anything.  This is reinforced by Wide Open’s message of reaching out and embracing possibilities.  The world is ready and waiting for new ideas and you have new visions to offer.  Peaks of Joy is where you’ll find yourself as you discover that, thanks to your community and synchronicity, things are happening to help you move forward and upward.  Your gratitude will help you appreciate Riding the Wave of amazing activity, knowing that you’re on the right path. Finally, Listening is the card to help you find the clarity you need.  There is much misinformation and disinformation out there and you may find yourself getting dragged down by what you’re hearing.  Listen with your heart, trust your intuition and you’re ensured a greater understanding of your circumstances.

Obsidian helps you to know and appreciate yourself.  You are changing and growing, preparing to step into the future.  The strengths you need are already present within you and Obsidian Spirit will amplify them through the power of self-awareness. The essential oil blend supports our efforts this month in many ways.  Breathe blend addresses letting go of grief and pain, supporting our relationship with Spirit and deepening our connection with life.  Breathe helps us to embrace life through breath, giving us the courage to fully open.  Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths, shielding us body and soul from negative influences and aiding in our spiritual evolution.  It helps to clarify your intuition (along with Listening).  Pink Pepper helps move us toward belief in the goodness of self and, ultimately, the goodness of others, a conversation taking place all around us at the present time.  Rosemary supports us in receiving new information and new experiences, aiding in times of transition and change.  It helps us to trust in a higher power and feeling confident and assured during times of great changed in understanding or perspective.

There is much taking place this month, all of it important in the process of our transformation.  Continue to stay in your hearts as well as in your homes, following your intuition and using common sense.  Know that together, joined in love, we can accomplish so much more than we can alone.  If you’re not sure how to stay in your heart, contact me and I’ll give you some easy-to-follow guidelines.  I’ll be happy to share some uplifting guided meditations that will help to keep your energy focused in a positive direction.  We’re all in this together and what lies ahead will be more magnificent than we could let ourselves imagine.  Above all, have faith in the possibilities!

You all mean the world to me.  I feel your loving support and know that we are holding each other up.  Please remember that I am honored to offer you energy healing sessions and Oracle readings to help ease your burdens, soothe your pain and light your way, even just a little.  They’re all just as effective remotely as they are in person.  Namaste.