Monthly Oracle Reading

Oracle Reading for May

Benzai-TenGoddess Power Oracle Rainbow Prince – Wisdom of Hidden Realms Oracle

Camel Boy Wisdom of Hidden Realms Oracle Go the DistanceWisdom of the Oracle

Regeneration – Wisdom of the Oracle

Suggested Crystal Rose Quartz

Suggested Essential Oil Blend Rose, Copaiba, Lavender, Myrrh

Suggested Mantra I AM staying in the Magical Mind.

May is the “Magical Month,” a time often dedicated to Mother Mary, the Christian representative of miracles, and Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion.  Let’s embrace the idea of moving each day in compassion and kindness, allowing ourselves the opportunity to observe the miracles that are taking place all around us, even as we attempt to find our balance within this “new” world of transition and transformation.

Mother Mary and Kuan Yin

The Oracle is offering us support and encouragement from a different perspective and I’m excited to share it with you.  I’d love to hear your reaction, as well.  We’re individuals with a free will and our own unique point of view.

 Benzai-Ten from the Goddess Power Oracle sets the mood for this magical month, reminding you that you are a Spiritual Being in a physical body.  Knowing this, accepting it and honoring yourself requires self-care.  Surround yourself with beauty, choose to see it in every aspect of your life; not difficult when Spring is busting out all around us.  Open your eyes!  Beauty waits to be discovered, even in the most unexpected places.  Before you turn away from a person, place or thing, remember that beauty is everywhere!  It’s your time to find it.  

The Rainbow Prince from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle has a message for us of compensation and perseverance. We’ve survived the rainstorm and done the work, using all the elements available to us.  Our reward is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We can see it glowing just ahead.

The Camel Boy, also from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle, assures us that asking for help will bring the people into our path that we need to ease our burden.  Ask for what you need and expect to receive it.

Go the Distance from Wisdom of the Oracle says that you have the endurance, the strength and the fortitude to carry you all the way.  What is yours will never be withheld from you!

Regeneration, also from Wisdom of the Oracle, is the perfect card to complete the reading, as it carries the message of rebirth and new opportunities.  The world as we have known it is being replaced by something better and more powerful.  Destiny is being fulfilled in wondrous ways.

Suggested crystal and essential oils

Rose Quartz is the suggested crystal for us this month and I’ve drawn from The Crystal Spirits Oracle for clarification.  This is a stone of self-love and worthiness of all that you seek.

I’ve again added an essential oil blend to support us this month.  I would continue using the On Guard blend (also known as Thieves Oil), for its protective properties, perhaps adding a drop or two of Oregano for a boost if needed.  I’ve been given a blend of Rose, Copaiba, Lavender and Myrrh.  I’m currently diffusing seven drops of Lavender with five drops each of Rose, Copaiba and Myrrh in my office to help me stay in the “magical May mood” and the soft floral (but not powdery) scent with just a dollop of love (Rose) is helping to keep my heart open, and my mood lifted.

Benzai-Ten, the Japanese goddess of beauty, starts us off by validating the Spiritual Being that lives within each of us and urging us to devote the necessary self-care required to allow us to fully experience the beauty that exists in every aspect of our world.  The welcome message from The Rainbow Prince is that we have effectively made use of the elements at hand and survived the rainstorm!  Our reward, symbolized by the pot of gold, lies just ahead.  The Camel Prince reminds us that we are all in this together, we are not alone!  By asking for help and expecting to receive it, we allow synchronicity to engage.  Go the Distance reassures us that we have the endurance and strength to come out on the other side, knowing that Regeneration is taking place and a new and better world awaits us.

Rose Quartz will support our feelings of worthiness, as she encompasses all expressions of love, including selflove.  We are conditioned to forget how amazing we are, so Rose Quartz Spirit is reminding you that many, many people will benefit simply from knowing you and being in your presence, soaking in the love that radiates from your heart. You are an exquisite expression of divinity and healing love.  This is a time to love yourself and recognize all that is good and beautiful and true about you. The essential oil blend supports this energy with Rose (Divine Love, compassion & powerful heart healing energy), Copaiba (self-worth, forgiveness & redefinition of self), Lavender (emotional honesty & peace of mind) and Myrrh (Mother Earth, safe in the world, nurtured, loved & secure).

We have much to experience in this month of May.  Continue to stay in your hearts as well as in your homes, following your intuition and using common sense.  Know that together, joined in love, we can accomplish so much more than we can alone.  If you’re not sure how to stay in your heart, contact me and I’ll give you some easy-to-follow guidelines.  I’ll be happy to share some uplifting guided meditations that will help to keep your energy focused in a positive direction.  We’re all in this together and what lies ahead will be more magnificent than we could let ourselves imagine. Above all, stay in the Magical Mind!

You all mean the world to me.  I feel your loving support and know that we are holding each other up.  Please remember that I am honored to offer you energy healing sessions and Oracle readings to help ease your burdens, soothe your pain and light your way, even just a little.  They’re all just as effective remotely as they are in person.  Namaste.