Energy Forecasts

Energy Readings for the Week of August 14-20, 2017

Using Wisdom of the Oracle and The Good Tarot

created by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia


Here is this week’s energy forecast, the possibilities rather than a “prediction.”  I’ve drawn from the Wisdom of the Oracle with a confirmation-type card drawn from The Good Tarot.  Remember that this can be personal as well as global.  Let’s see what energies are swirling around us this week:

The following cards showed up:

Flexible “Teachability; open-mindedness; being adaptable without compromising what’s most important”  Remaining open-minded and being willing to view a situation from a different point of view; being willing to adjust and adapt but still holding on to your own truth.

Deep Knowing“Intuition; listening to the oracle within; empathy; hypersensitivity”  Your ability to pick up cues and acquire information has never made sense to those around you, even though they themselves have the same ability, should they decide to use it, but you know that it happens and that the information is accurate.  Tune into that source within you now and act on it, trusting that the source and the information is valid.

A Change in the Wind“A sense that unseen change has been initiated; preparation for a storm; awareness that your plans are not on firm ground; feeling a shift; uncertainty about which direction the winds will blow”  Change is coming and, though we’ve been trained to fear and resist change, we need it for movement and growth.  Just adopt the viewpoint that “that’s interesting” and see what the blowing winds bring your way.  After all, the unknown is where the magic lies.

Truth Be Told“Honesty; accepting things at face value; coming out of denial; the willingness to be transparent; clarity of communication”  This is about your truth, and not necessarily the truth.  Shine your light and be exactly your own sweet self (everyone else is taken *wink*), don’t try to conform to what “society” says you should be doing.  It’s time for you to speak your truth clearly because others are searching for that very truth.

9 of Air“Shifting negative self-talk to self-compassion, from fear to possibility, a call to faith”  With a gentle, mellifluous voice, you tell yourself that you will be okay, that you are okay and that any fear is merely false evidence appearing as real.  You forgive yourself because you know that you are a human trying the best you can and need only call on Spirit to remember that you can and will do better as new possibilities begin to gather on your horizon.

10 of Earth“Affluence, material abundance, mastery, financial security, inherited wealth and knowledge”  You are now able to step back and observe the results of what you built through your dedication and hard work.  You claim ownership of the castles you built that have taken form in the material world.  You have achieved mastery and inherited treasures of knowledge and experience thanks to all you have been through.  You smile appreciatively at your run of good fortune.


Our “anchor” card for this week is Flexible and this is always a positive reminder to release any expectations you may have regarding outcomes and trust that Spirit is at your side, co-creating with you and making sure that you get what’s in your highest good.  Things don’t always turn out the way we thought we wanted them, and sometimes it seems like they don’t turn out at all.  Curiously, one certain way to see a situation from a different perspective is to stand on your head.  Ahh, there it is!  That perfect solution that was totally invisible until you viewed the issue from a different vantage point.  How do you know what to look for?  Deep Knowing is that intuitive voice, that gut feeling, that whisper in your ear that doesn’t always make sense but always gives you good advice.  This week is when you’ll get that nudge and, despite what your BFF says, follow that nudge!  It’s never let you down and it won’t let you down now.

That intuitive voice will help to prepare you for the Change in the Wind that is coming your way.  Don’t fear the change and don’t try to avoid it; this is the transformation you’ve been working towards!  Open your arms and embrace this change as it will usher you into the place you’ve been longing to reach.  Truth Be Told affirms that you are ready to hear the answer to your question, “What is true for me?”  Speak that answer loud and proud, and shine your light not so much for yourself, but for the others that are searching in the darkness.

The “confirmation” cards for this week are, again, from The Good Tarot, and serve to confirm and affirm the energies and how you can best work with them.

9 of Air is your reassurance that you’re in the right place at the right time and, when in doubt, ask Spirit for a reminder.  You are doing the best you can each day, practicing what you’ve learned, and you can see the new possibilities building on the horizon.  10 of Earth is the physical manifestation of the efforts you’ve been making all along.  Now here it is, the material abundance taking shape in front of your eyes, more than you even dreamed possible!  (because, after all, that’s how Spirit works!)

As we make every effort to keep to our daily spiritual practices, be they meditation, yoga, walking in nature, swimming, krav maga, qigong, zumba, lifting, we are seeing visible results as we can go through our lives in a more centered and peaceful way.  The craziness and the drama that we see currently in our world just can’t touch us when we stay in our sacred heart space.  We help where we can, we do what we are called to do, but in such a way that we are not swept up in the chaos.  A very wise cat I know says “you don’t have to attend every uproar you’re invited to.”


The intense energies continue to swirl around us all.  What matters is how we respond to them!  We’ve experienced the recent Full Moon with its accompanying partial eclipse, the Lion’s Gate on August 8 and we’re building up to the Solar Eclipse on August 21, when even more light from beyond will flood through the portal and help to raise our vibrations and that of Mother Earth even higher.  Know that you are dearly loved and there are great celebrations planned when you reach that next level!


It is my honor to interpret these energy forecasts for you, giving you a notion of what is possible, and I am so grateful to those mentors who have graciously shared their time, talents and patience with me as I travel along my path.  Please feel free to comment on what you read here.  I read all the comments and try to respond when able.  Peace and blessings to you all!