Energy Forecasts

Card of the Year – 2018

Energy Reading for August 2018

Using The Good Tarot and the Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards

created by Colette Baron-Reid & Jena DellaGrottaglia

Quick refresher on the process in place for this year:  After preparing my sacred space, centering myself, calling in my Guides and Angels, I’ve asked for guidance for us all by drawing a single card from The Good Tarot to exemplify this “Master Year” of 2018 (2+0+1+8 = 11, which is a Master Number).  As before, I’ve drawn a single card from The Good Tarot followed by four cards from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck to give us a more detailed look at what to expect in August.  I’ll do a similar reading for the remaining months of the year, mixed with information that I’ve gotten from various readers, astrologers and spiritual teachers that I follow.

Card of the Year for 2018 is – – – (insert trumpet fanfare here) – – – 6 of Fire

In The Good Tarot, the Fire suit corresponds with the suit of Wands in traditional tarot, relating to the way we act, the results of our actions and where our intentions can lead us if we act in accordance with them.  We’re looking for guidance regarding our passions, ambitions and motivations turned into actions.  As we are powerful co-creators, remember, we need to be aware to have our actions in alignment with our deepest intentions for the highest good of all.

This beautiful card, the 6 of Fire, represents stepping into the limelight, being and becoming an enlightened influencer.  The affirmation that accompanies this card is, “I generously model my transformation so that others might be inspired.  I put my light atop a hill so that it can shine forth, helping others to find their way.  I remain aware of shadows and people who have trouble basking in the warm light of higher awareness.  I bless them but do not dim my own beacon.  It’s a time to renew my trust that I am contributing to the highest good of all in my own unique way.”

It’s time to look forward to August.

Unless you’re living in a cave, it’s almost impossible to not be aware of at least some of the events taking place around our beautiful world.  On every level there is evidence of energetic shake-ups and change taking place.  I’m seeing and feeling more and more glimmers of Light throughout most of the interactions I’m involved in and I’m sure you’re experiencing the same thing.  There are certainly still disasters occurring around the world with lives lost and property destroyed.  The difference I’m noticing is the response to these occurrences.  More and more people are coming together in support of each other, lending whatever assistance they are able to muster.  As we become the Light we will become aware of the expansion of that Light, assisting that Light to spread farther.  How beautiful is that!


The “anchor card” for the month of August is the King of Earth from The Good Tarot.  The Earth suit corresponds with Pentacles in the traditional tarot deck and addresses the manifestation of our thoughts, feelings and actions into physical form.  The King of Earth is enterprising, representing philanthropy and the ability to attract abundant wealth; He is a magnanimous, consciously manifesting reliable leader.  How amazing does it sound to think about working with a leader such as this!  This King’s affirmation is “I have trust and faith in the invisible and know it will manifest in the realm of form the way I need it to.  Opportunity can be found anywhere and everywhere.  Because I am competent and committed, I am ready for abundance to manifest now in the world of conditions, in a form that is aligned with my highest good.  I manifest all that I desire, consciously aware of the need to stay focused and grounded in the everyday work required.”

To supplement and support the King of Earth, we have the following cards:

Orphaned “A sense of loss; an identity crisis; recognizing that you don’t fit in; the need to belong; uncertainty about your place.”  We all have connections in our life, to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors.  There is a time to operate alone and a time to function as a part of a group.  You may be feeling that the people around you just don’t get you any longer.  That’s ok, because you’re at a place where you may need to spend some time on your own, or you may find yourself looking for a new group of “kindred spirits.”  No worries, they’re just around the corner.

Serendipity“Opportunity, allied with readiness; the awareness of synchronicity; luck and good fortune appearing as signs and symbols; a magical alignment of events.”  As you settle into an alignment with the greater good, you will find luck and preparation meeting up to create greater miracles than you could ever have imagined by yourself.  It’s not just for you, though, as what comes into your life ripples out to the world, enhancing everyone’s life in a positive way.  Expect the unexpected, because you’re in for a huge (and really good) surprise!

Happy Happy “Joy and contentment; a sense of fulfillment; a feeling that all is well.”  This is JUST EXACTLY the card you want to see following Serendipity!  To quote the guidebook for this deck, “Your desires are effortlessly fulfilled now.  Find joy in the present moment, whatever is happening, and be satisfied with things as they are.”  This fabulous feeling is a result of letting yourself be in sync with Spirit’s plan for your life.  It’s all GOOD.  Really.

Treasure Island“The Law of Attraction bringing dreams into fruition; the results of positive thinking made manifest; abundance appearing as if from nowhere; financial gains and the sharing of good fortune.”  As a result of your unceasing work and belief in abundance, it appears that you have hit the jackpot!  Keep on doing what you’re doing, stay in alignment with Spirit, and enjoy the fruits of your labors.  Be filled with gratitude and remember to share all this great abundance because treasure shared multiplies like magic!


Wow, we thought that July was going to be a fantastic month, not without some minor upsets, but mostly really great, and we were absolutely right!  How does it get any better than this??  Here is exactly how:  the overarching theme of the month is illustrated by the King of Earth who promises the manifestation of abundance following the efforts you’ve been making during the past weeks and months.

It’s all about your role in helping with the expansion of the Light, the tiny baby steps you’ve been taking, the affirmations you’ve been repeating, the meditation practice you’ve committed to, the self-care you’re practicing.  All of those things are coming together to manifest in our physical world as great abundance in every form and on every level.  The work we’ve been doing, even when it felt like it was all for nothing, it seemed that we were just spinning our wheels, is paying off in bigger and better ways than we could ever have imagined, thanks to our continued alignment with Spirit, the Universe, God, Creator; believing that much good can be accomplished when we view everything and everyone through the eyes of Love.  It’s really just that simple.

As you look around you, it may seem on the surface that you don’t fit in like you used to.  Was it Thomas Hardy who said “you can’t go home again?”  This is what Orphaned is all about.  Listen to my words:  You aren’t the same person you were when you entered into this phase and that’s why you don’t feel comfortable in your surroundings.  It isn’t you, it’s them.  You’ve been doing the work, growing and changing, while they’ve been settled in their comfort zone.  For real.  It’s time to expand your circle or move to an entirely new group of friends or co-workers.  Let’s call them kindred spirits because that sounds like a perfectly appropriate term. Get going, cause they’re waiting for you!

The next three cards are so fabulous, I can barely describe them!  I couldn’t have sorted through the deck and purposely chosen any better cards in a more advantageous order than Serendipity, Happy Happy and Treasure Island.  As you move into the notion that you’re expanding into a new group of friends or co-workers, and you let yourself live in your heart space, seeing your life and surroundings through the eyes of love, you will notice many “coincidences” taking place.  This is the manifestation of Serendipity.  Events that were previously put into motion are now playing out in front of you as meetings, phone calls, songs on the radio that serve to move you to your next step.  As you let yourself move along trusting that Spirit is with you and the Universe has your best interests at heart, you will find yourself in a state of bliss unlike any you’ve experienced before.  This is Happy, Happy.  Where will this ultimately lead you?  You’ll find yourself on the shores of Treasure Island where you are destined to spend some time.  You only have to remember to remain in a state of gratitude, living in your heart, and intending to share this new-found abundance with everyone you meet.  You want to keep this train rolling!  As crazy as this may sound, it makes perfect sense to me, but if you have any questions, contact me and we’ll do a more in depth reading for you.

Honestly, I’m so excited to see how this month plays out!  There will still be a lot going on in the heavens (astrologically) and on earth (it’s filled with humans, after all), but we’re going to see such obvious positive change that we’ll have no choice but to embrace the hope that things are getting better!  Whatever happens, please remember to share your gratitude, your experience and your abundance, as all that is shared returns to you multiplied many times over.

I’m hoping that this transmission from our Oracle allows you the best advantage in facing what Fate, Mother Earth, the Universe, Spirit and your Higher Self may place in your path during the coming month.  I’m very interested in hearing how August plays out for you.  Please email me with your insights and revelations.  And, what the heck; keep asking yourself, “how can it get any better than this?!”


It is my honor to interpret these energy forecasts for you, giving you a notion of what is possible, and I am so grateful to my mentors who have graciously shared their time, talents and patience with me as I travel along my path.  Peace and blessings to you all!