Energy Forecasts

Energy Readings for the Week of June 12-18, 2017

Using The Good Tarot

created by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia


Here is this week’s energy forecast, the possibilities rather than a “prediction.”  I’ve drawn solely (soully?) from The Good Tarot.  Remember that this can be personal as well as global.  Let’s see what energies are swirling around us this week:

The following cards showed up:

10 of Earth “Affluence, material abundance, mastery, financial security, inherited wealth and knowledge”  We are now able to step back and observe the results of what we’ve built through our dedication and hard work.  We may claim ownership of the castles we built that have taken form in the material world.  We have achieved mastery and inherited treasures of knowledge and experience thanks to all we have been through.  “I smile appreciatively at my run of good fortune.”

Moon“Illusion”  We may not see the workings of Spirit in the invisible realms, but we know there is great activity “behind the scenes.”  It’s important to trust the mystery and remember that the material realm is an illusion.  Current conditions are not necessarily a reflection of the truth of what’s really going on in the present.  Great opportunities lie in the shadows, awaiting the perfect time for illumination.

Chariot“Victory”  Everything we have worked for, including the obstacles we have faced and overcome, is now part of this time of victory.  We have learned to see all aspects of our life as essential to our growth.  “I have fallen but now I am risen again to live freely and truthfully, fearlessly and skillfully.”

Page of Air“New ideas, a theory not yet proven, curiosity, new focus”  Thoughts for this week:  [This calls for greater investigation, as we’ve only scratched the surface.]  [I don’t really know.]  [That’s interesting!]  [If I explore this way of thinking, what can I learn?]

In traditional tarot, the suit of Earth corresponds with the suit of Pentacles and deals with material wealth and manifestation in the world of form.  Therefore, the 10 of Earth represents the culmination of our efforts as the thoughts we’ve been thinking, followed by the steps we’ve been taking (thank you, Mike Dooley and Notes from the Universe!) are manifesting in the material world.  Own what you’ve created in partnership with Spirit and remember, above all, to be grateful for all that you’ve accomplished.  As this card is the “anchor card” for the week’s reading, it’s really an auspicious beginning!

Followed up by the Moon, a major arcana card, it appears that this is only the beginning of many major miracles forming themselves as a result of our co-creative relationship with Spirit and the focus we’ve been placing on our inner work and continued forward movement, however small it may have seemed at the time.

As the next card is Chariot, another major arcana card, we will see that all the work we’ve done, including what looked like failure or back-sliding, is coming together in this manifestation of miracles that are available to us this week. Just a brief pause to bask in the glory and wonder that we have co-created.  Now, it’s on with life, one where we speak our truth and shine our Light fearlessly for all to see.

In case there was any question of how long this will last, the Page of Air is our indication that this is only the beginning, if we choose to let it be so.  The suit of Air in the Good Tarot corresponds with the suit of Swords in traditional tarot, with an emphasis on the way we think, the results of that thinking and where our thoughts could lead us.  We’ll be presented with new ideas, new opportunities, exciting chances to think outside the box.  Maintaining a sense of gratitude and viewing life from a perspective of “That’s interesting!” will make turn even difficult situations into a chance to expand your thinking and opportunity.

It’s so cool to see all your hard work come together in such a brilliant display of accomplishment!  Please stay in touch and let me know how your week plays out; I love to hear from you!

 It is my honor to interpret these energy forecasts for you, giving you a notion of what is possible, and I am so grateful to those mentors who have graciously shared their time, talents and patience with me as I travel along my path.  Please feel free to comment on what you read here.  I read all the comments and try to respond when able.  Peace and blessings to you all!