Energy Forecasts

Energy Readings for the Week of November 27-December 3, 2017

Using The Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards

created by Colette Baron-Reid


Here is this week’s energy forecast, the possibilities rather than a “prediction.”  For a change, I’ve drawn from The Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards, and I’ve drawn a confirmation card from The Good Tarot, just for fun.  We’re into the holiday season now and the energies continue to build.  Gratitude is still the key as we look to the end of 2017.  Remember that this can be personal as well as global.  Let’s see what energies are swirling around us this week:

The following cards showed up:

The Novice “innocence, beginner, ignorance, new skill without practice, unstable curiosity”  This is the card of the beginner and reminds us to view new experiences through the wide-open eyes of a child.  It can also mean that new information is coming to you and you’ll want to take some time to process what you’re hearing and seeing.  Don’t jump in headfirst without being certain that you know what you’re doing; you may make a costly error.  It’s a good time to ask yourself what you have to learn in this situation.  As we were told last week with the 8 of Earth, we’re all beginners in some area, so again, look for the magic that is part of our everyday world.  Patience with yourself is still the key here.  When your eyes and your heart are open, abundant manifestation follows on the heels of your learning and you won’t be a Novice for long!

The Wind Faery “thoughts, words, intellectual analysis”  The power of your thoughts will manifest into the physical.  It’s important now that you examine your thoughts and what they contain.  Are they positive and empowering?  Are they negative and self-defeating?  This is also a reminder to think before you act.

Trustone of the Sacred Journey markers  This is an essential part of your continued journey forward on your path.  Believing and trusting in a Higher Power, maintaining that connection with your Higher Self is critical in this journey we’re taking.  Trusting blindly in another human being may be asking for disappointment, as we can only truly depend on the Divine and our angels.  Remember that there is a Divine plan in place.

Communicationone of the Sacred Journey markers  Be clear in what you say to others this week and be sure you understand what they’re saying to you.  Don’t assume the other person knows what you “mean” and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification on your end.  This marker is all about communication in all areas of your life right now.  This includes speaking clearly and listening to what is being said.

Our “anchor” card for this week is The Novice, which I feel is a continuation of the 8 of Earth from last week’s reading.  You’re going to want to continue being patient as you gather information and process what you have before you.  View the energy this week as magical, as through the eyes of a child, and keep your mind open.  The Wind Faery wants you to examine the tone and the message of your thoughts, keeping them positive and upbeat as you process this information.  Maybe ask yourself if things make sense.  Don’t be hard on yourself because you need some extra time to sort things out.  Be filled with gratitude that you are given the space to process what’s put before you.  Trust is your confirmation to keep that channel open between yourself and your Higher Power, not depending on other humans without question.  The Divine plan that has been formulated for you is for your highest good and you can’t micro-manage the steps in that plan.

Communication is further confirmation that the channel between yourself and your Higher Power is a crucial part of your journey this week.  Take some time each day to quietly go within and listen to what your angels have to tell you.  In your daily life, listen carefully to what you’re being asked to do and what you’re being told.  Ask questions so that you’re crystal clear before you attempt to act.  It’s also important that you are clear in your communication to other people, be they family, friends or co-workers.  Be sure that the other person understands what you’re saying, don’t assume they know what you’re talking about.  It’s sure to make this week flow more smoothly for you, and for them.

It worked out well last week, so I’ve drawn a “confirmation card” from the Good Tarot deck, and it is very appropriate.

9 of Water addresses dreams coming true, wishes being fulfilled, completion, enjoyment, contentment and achievement of your desires.  The affirmation for this card is “It is right to say no to what isn’t right for me and now is my time to experience wishes fulfilled, the sweet harvest that came about from seeds I planted. I drink in the aroma of successful endeavor, take pride in my hard work and achievement, and savor the satisfaction of a job well done.  I deserve to pause and acknowledge all I co-created and I do it joyfully.”

Read over the interpretation of the first four cards and see how the 9 of Water anticipates what will result in your having patience with your “newness” and taking the time to be sure you know what you’re doing before you leap in.  Be clear with others, demand clarity in return and trust that there is a Divine plan in place that is for the highest good of all.  Tune in to your guidance every day and listen to what your angels have to say to you.  Ask questions and listen for the answers.  View what goes on in your life with the acceptance and awe of a child, seeing magic every way you turn.  The result?  You’re going to see the sweet harvest of your endeavors, taking pride in your work and enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done.  Let yourself be filled with gratitude and joy.  You’ve earned it!


Hopefully, we’ve all navigated the traditionally family-oriented holiday of Thanksgiving.  Next up is the Christmas season.  I wish you many blessings and much love as you go through your week.  Your angels surround you, ready to step in whenever you ask them for help.  Do it.


It is my honor to interpret these energy forecasts for you, giving you a notion of what is possible, and I am so grateful to those mentors who have graciously shared their time, talents and patience with me as I travel along my path.  Please feel free to comment on what you read here.  I read all the comments and try to respond when able.  Peace and blessings to you all!