Energy Forecasts

Energy Readings for the Week of August 21-27, 2017

Using Wisdom of the Oracle and The Good Tarot

created by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia


Here is this week’s energy forecast, the possibilities rather than a “prediction.”  I’ve drawn from the Wisdom of the Oracle with a confirmation-type card drawn from The Good Tarot.  Remember that this can be personal as well as global.  Let’s see what energies are swirling around us this week:


The following cards showed up:

Round and Round “The spiral quality of events when a lesson isn’t quite integrated; cycles you are challenged to break; revisiting a pattern from a new perspective”  Patterns.  If you do what you did, you’ll get what you got, but you’re in a different place now with a new perspective.  Try the view from here and see how you can do it differently this time.

A Change in the Wind“A sense that unseen change has been initiated; preparation for a storm; awareness that your plans are not on firm ground; feeling a shift; uncertainty about which direction the winds will blow”  You can sense that something is coming but you can’t see yet what’s ahead.  Don’t resist the change, not that you could, but embrace the anticipation, knowing that Spirit has something magnificent planned.

Deep Knowing“Intuition; listening to the oracle within; empathy; hypersensitivity”  Intuition is how you communicate with Spirit and you can be assured that you’re getting the highest information available.  Go within and find that still quiet place within you.  Now listen.

Flexible“Teachability; open-mindedness; being adaptable without compromising what’s most important”  Stay open to the possibilities and be willing to shift as Spirit requests.  It’s all for the highest good.  The trees that can sway with the wind are the ones who survive and grow, while the rigid ones are quickly uprooted.  Allow yourself to sway in the wind.

3 of Air“Silver linings, natural departures, ‘Rejection is God’s protection’”  A third party helps you to see the truth of this situation.  What is truly mine can never be withheld from you.  Rejection is Spirit’s protection.  It’s in your best interest to let go and allow for something better to take its place.  It is your highest good to see the truth regardless of your temporary discomfort.  This too shall pass.

3 of Fire“Expansion of opportunities, the fullness of creativity, achievement”  You are on the right path toward your success.  You have an abundance of opportunities before you.  You need to trust yourself, for you can make good choices for yourself and co-create situations and relationships that are in harmony with your heart’s desire.


Our “anchor” card for this week is Round and Round which suggests that you’ll find yourself in a familiar situation but with a heightened understanding of what is at work beneath the surface.  You recognize the pattern, but with your new perspective you can see your way through the maze with confidence, not falling for the traps that tripped you up the last time.  As there is again a Change in the Wind the energies continue to build to the shift that will ultimately occur around the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21. It’s useless to allow fear to rule the day, as Spirit is working behind the scenes to orchestrate greater changes that we could ever imagine.  We only need to trust our intuition, that Deep Knowing that all will be well, despite any temporary discomfort.  Don’t be surprised to find that the information you are seeking comes from a very unusual source.

Flexible returns again this week with the reminder to be open to new possibilities, new ways of responding to the people and situations around you.  As the anchor card has shown, we’ll be facing some familiar situations this week, but with a new and greater perception of what’s really going on.  Stay open to the possibility of a different outcome this time.

The “confirmation” cards for this week are, again, from The Good Tarot, and serve to confirm and affirm the energies and how you can best work with them.

3 of Air is the message that “if the door doesn’t open, it isn’t your door.”  You may feel some momentary unease at how you see things resolving because it isn’t exactly as you’d hoped, but remember your new perspective and trust that Spirit has something even better planned.  3 of Fire is confirmation that this will all work out for our highest good as you find yourself with many opportunities and creative options from which to choose to take you further along your path.  It also carries the reassurance that you’re on the exact right path for you so trust that you can make good choices to get you where your heart wants to be.

The energies continue to build to the Solar Eclipse and along with the global drama, you’re likely to witness some drama in your personal and work life, feeling your own energies shift and sway.  Maintain your connection with Spirit through your daily practice, yoga, meditation, physical exercise, prayer, whatever.  Know that the Angels, Ascended Masters and all Light Beings are working tirelessly behind the scenes to help us come out on top.


The intense energies continue to swirl around us all.  What matters is how we respond to them!  We’re building up to the Solar Eclipse on August 21, when even more light from beyond will flood through the portal and help to raise our vibrations and that of Mother Earth even higher.  Know that you are dearly loved and there are great celebrations planned when we all reach that next level!


It is my honor to interpret these energy forecasts for you, giving you a notion of what is possible, and I am so grateful to those mentors who have graciously shared their time, talents and patience with me as I travel along my path.  Please feel free to comment on what you read here.  I read all the comments and try to respond when able.  Peace and blessings to you all!