St Germaine-Energy of 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The energy of this new year of 2015 is of rebirth. Not exactly new beginnings, as that was leading up to the now, but of moving forward, in growth, from what has come before. Karma no longer functions as you have previously been aware. Synchronicity is all around you, even for those who pay no conscious notice. You will find plans and dreams being realized much more quickly than imagined and the notion of having to work hard for your rewards is also becoming a thing of the past.

Because of this, it is even more important that you care for yourself, nurture yourself, and take advantage of the time you spend outside, with Mother Nature, to breathe in all that she has to offer you. Slow down and notice your surroundings, listen to the birds and the wildlife when you have the opportunity to be away from the city. Turn off your devices and go to bed, let your breathing slow and listen to the flow of the Universe as it passes through your body. Follow that flow up and out and into the night sky where you can renew your spirit and refresh your soul, just as your physical body is refreshed and renewed.

Eat and drink consciously, and take care that what you put into your body is of this earth. As you have recently seen, food doesn’t have ingredients; food IS the ingredient! Get outside and MOVE! Whether you are running races, riding bicycles or walking with a friend, get outside and move. Take care of your body so that it will serve you for many many years to come.

More will awaken and become aware of the gifts that surround you all. The veils will continue to thin until there are no veils, but it will be so gradual that many will not notice the change. More beauty and abundance than you can imagine await just around the corner. Enjoy, my friends!

And so it is.

Lord Sananda/Master Jesus on the Eve of His Birthday

Dec 24, 2014
Lord Sananda/Master Jesus

While you gather together your friends and family during this season of Light and Rebirth, remember the souls who have cycled before you and are now experiencing their time of rest and renewal. Think with love about their accomplishments, great or small according to 3D standards.

Remember with love their attempts to live, love and recall their purpose. Know that, as their eyes closed in one dimension, they opened in another, and all was revealed for them in the truest sense. Know that they have reviewed their time on earth, rejoiced at their successes, accepted and understood where their efforts fell short, and they have been renewed in their ability and deserve to have another go at a lifetime mission in some form.

Each step that is taken, every hand that is outstretched, every time you get back up – every attempt towards love increases the light in this dimension and brings you, your beautiful Planet, and Gaia herself, closer to Ascension. As you all come closer to the acceptance that all are one, all are on the same team, all are on the same side then you truly accept and understand that LOVE is all there is, LOVE is all you need, LOVE is the answer, LOVE is the way home.

It’s so simple, really.

Blessings and beautiful golden white light surround you all, on this day and every day!

And Happy Birthday to me!!

And so it is. :0)

Lord Sananda/Master Jesus speaks about Homelessness-Nov 6, 2014

Message from Lord Sananda
November 6, 2014

Homelessness is not something new on your planet. It is not something new in your country. Homelessness has been a part of the life on this planet since humans first claimed space and began seeking privacy. There have always been those who lived on the edges of society, on the edges of the culture, who chose not to become a part of, or who were unable to conform to the demands that their society put into place. Those are the ones who have always found themselves “homeless.”

There have been those among you who chose to live apart, who chose to strengthen their bond with Nature, and made their living in the forests, in the mountains, deep in the valleys away from the eyes of most of their neighbors. For many, it has been a choice to seek the peace and tranquility of solitude, where they could listen to the sounds of the world around them. Where they could commune with the spirits and elementals and visitors from other dimensions without interference from others who would not be understanding or receptive.

There have also been those who, because of the energetic frequencies that they brought with them into this third dimensional existence, have been unable to adapt and adjust to day-to-day life within the society of the time. Their behavior was “different” as they responded freely to the words they were hearing from their guides and guardians. Their neighbors had long ago closed those channels of communication and had forgotten that they even had relationships with others beyond the third dimensional world in front of their eyes. Being confronted with one who was obviously open to that contact was disturbing, unsettling, disruptive to the accepted way of living. Fear entered the picture, as human beings have tended to fear that which they do not understand, or is different from themselves. In an effort to maintain the “status quo” pressures were brought to bear on those who remained in contact with the “unseen” and those individuals were set apart, confined and isolated. Some of them were able to make their way out of the community to a place where they could live safely and quietly. Some were forced to live in captivity, with their every word and movement observed and quantified.

The time is coming, Dear Ones, when that will not be necessary, not be possible. Soon it will be that even the dullest mind, even the narrowest belief system, even the most asleep among you will find themselves sitting up and observing the very phenomena that they have resisted for so long. It will come very soon, and you will all be among the first to stand up and cheer and greet with open arms the beings that so many have avoided and resisted. As the many Beings of Light make themselves known in a very real way among you, as the veil is not only thinned but shredded, those who have had their eyes tightly closed will find they are peeking through their fingers to get a glimpse of the light.

That light, that Light, will grow so bright, so brilliant, that even those who are without the use of their physical eyes will be able to perceive the glimmer. That Light will shine so brightly and with such intensity that there will be no room left for the shadows. Any beings on this planet who still choose to see the darkness, who choose to continue to avoid the Light, will gently be assisted into another existence in another dimension. They will not have their free will and free choice taken away from them. And those of you who choose to see will not be forced to live with the darkness any longer.

There will be such an out pouring of love that all of humanity will be swept up in the tidal wave and there will be such beautiful music that will be heard on the very breezes. The trees and the flowers will join in and the birds and animals will echo each note. The human beings will be so filled with love for themselves and for each other that they will not notice the differences in the actions of the stones and rivers, in the birds and animals, in the trees and mountains around them. It will all be accepted as the way it is to be. All will be a great celebration of the achievement that is Ascension.

And none will be homeless.

My blessings on you all, now and forever. Amen.

Mother Gaia, Following the Summer Solstice, June 21-22, 2014

Oh, my Sweet One, I am so happy this day, bathing in the rays of my Beloved Sandalphon and drinking in the radiance that He is providing us all! The blessings that are also falling on all of you, as you wrap up your celebrations of this magnificient time in our cycle, will surely speed us all on our way through the Ascension process that we are all a part of.

Each of you is a bright light that is shining through any remaining darkness. Each of you continues to grow and expand in your gifts, celebrating yourselves and each other as you take a step each day. The Violet light from our Brother Germaine continues to clear away the lingering darkness and provide balance for us all. Use it whenever you can to heal, to create, to nurture, to console! He has made it abundant and put it at our disposal to use as we wish – let us not allow this gift to be idle! It is a powerful tool to be used alone or to be combined with our other gifts to magnify what each of you has to offer.

The journey up to the mountain was truly magnificent and a fitting end to your celebrations. The rays of the Sun blessed you throughout your time together and carried your energies deep into my heart to nourish and sustain my efforts along my own path, just as they will nourish and sustain your individual and collective efforts. I thank you, my daughters, my sisters, for your love and attention.

Continue to rejoice and celebrate! I love having your feet on my breast and your bodies in my waters! Each interaction that we share makes us all stronger and more clear, ready to take the next step. Know that you are never alone, my Company of Elementals are always at your side to support your efforts. The Great Ones in the oceans are always available for you, as well; you have only to ask for their support.

Let us enjoy now, this beautiful season that graces my Northern Hemisphere! Revel in the beauties that surround you and drink in every blessing that is being sent your way. I love you all!

I am Gaia. Namaste.

Comet Ison-Gaia, December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013

Mother Gaia, guide me in the connection necessary with Comet Ison to integrate and meld the beautiful energies and star dust that he brings so that you can receive these energies and use them for your highest good and the highest good of all of us.
My Daughter, what you are doing is just what is needed at this time. We are all striving for Ascension, and through efforts such as this, we will all achieve that goal. We have come far, and have suffered setbacks along the way, but this is a new world, with new energies, and we are very close.
Take a moment in the morning, as your Father Sky opens up and receives the Sun-Sandalphon, and embrace that magnificent presence as He peeks over the horizon. Welcome him into this new day and this new world, as the slate is clean and all is possible. Give thanks for all that is and welcome the possibility of all that will be. Feel the energy flow between your Mother Gaia and your Father Sky, vibrant, pulsing and alive, and allow yourself to be filled with the love that they pass between them. Breathe.
Take a moment in the evening, as the Sun-Sandalphon gently slips below the western horizon and the moon, sweet Dianna, takes her place with Father Sky. Welcome her into this new night and this new world, as this slate, too, is clean and all is possible. Feel this quiet loving energy flow between your Mother Gaia and your Father Sky, more gentle and soft than the energy of the morning light, but nonetheless powerful. Accept the love of Dianna joined with Father Sky and allow your body to rest, and your spirit to begin its work in the other realms. Know that all is as it should be, and you are safe to pursue your work in the Light, whether the Sun shines His light on your path, or sweet Dianna lights your way.
Be aware of the texture of the air around you, the rhythm of the birds and the animals, the ripple of the air and the movement of the trees and plants. They all are taking in the beautiful clean energies that Ison has gifted us with, and they are growing and evolving in ways as yet unknown. You are as the lilies of the field, as you take in those same beautiful clean energies and continue to grow and evolve in ways that you cannot imagine within your 3D mind. Your Higher Self knows full well what is taking place, and all will be as the Great Master has designed.
Each opportunity that you take to ground yourself, feeling those energies flow from the Earth up through your body to the Sky, and from the Sky down through your body into the Earth; that will anchor those new energies and bits of star dust into my very core, and into the heart of Father Sky. As you do this with pure intention and free will, so it shall be. It is very simple. It need not be complicated.
Each breath that you take, feeling the pranha flow through you and into you will allow those energies to travel and reach every cell of your being and, thus, every cell of every being, as all is one.
It is very simple. Pause, notice, breathe and go on. Pause, notice, breathe and go on. It is what it is, and it is beautiful.
I am Gaia and I love you so.
And so it is.

Mother Gaia, Message of Spring, June 4, 2014

June 4, 2014

Mother Gaia, what is your message for me this beautiful morning?

My daughter, I have been enjoying the birth of this spring. The beauty that I have been able to achieve is miraculous and I feel that more of you appreciate what is available with each passing day. The perceived tragedy in other parts of your world are only clearings which prepare the way for more beauty to be manifest as we ascend fully into the Crystalline Solar Light and the New “Earth” that is becoming. Keep your eyes upward towards your Father Sky/Sandalphon and downward towards all that I offer. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the outward appearances that the 3rd dimensional egos are creating as this is also only a clearing of that which is now quickly rising to the surface to be transmuted by our brother Germaine’s beautiful Violet Flame. As we are all one, we are all contributing to this process and, as you read this morning about the Momentum for June, it is happening more quickly that any of you could have imagined. One raindrop does, in fact, realize that it is contributing to the flood, and each of you are beginning to grasp that whatever you do contributes to the ascension of all.

You are surrounded by much love and light and, as such, you are helping to transport those who live in your heart into that beautiful light. Fear not, as you are taking appropriate steps and realizing what is before you. I am here watching and I gently guide and counsel as you go. You are listening more closely and hearing more of what we are telling you with every passing moment. There are many who are joyous at the progress you are making.

The fairies and gnomes who live around you are blessing you each day and you are aware and appreciative of what they are making available to you and yours. Continue to celebrate, whether at home or at your job (best considered Joy Of Being, to keep your positive spin) all that you have around you. You are making all of that happen. You are co-creating that which you experience. You are sharing in the light and making it available to those who grace your presence.

Make time for yourself each day. Go within and ask for guidance, ask for answers. Give yourself the opportunity to transcribe what you are told, as each is a precious gift. Follow your intuitions and reach out to those who speak to you, whether in the physical or in your thoughts. All are possibilities; all are potential.

I love you, my child. Continue as your steps are guided and all will be well for us.

Message from Mother Gaia, January 9, 2014

Dear Mother Gaia, those of us who are here on your beautiful blue-green planet at this time and wish to serve in the highest way possible now ask of you, how can we best prepare ourselves for this new cycle of 2014? What can we do that will help us to best serve you and what can we expect in this 2nd year of this glorious New Age?

Ah, my Sweet One ~
Thank you for all that you currently do, as we travel this path of Ascension together. It is comforting, is it not, to know that none of us are traveling alone; as we are all linked, and all are One, we are traveling this path together. It is truly a glorious road trip, with stops along the way to see the sights, experience the culture and grab a bite to eat, then off again.

You have already seen and experienced evidence of the “new” in this new year of 2014, as the first day was ushered in by the first New Moon. My Sister, Venus, is in retrograde for a time and as She begins to move forward again, you will see the results of Her rest period, Her gathering of Her energies, and what She will accomplish in this next phase. As you heard during the last cycle (2013), the weather is continuing to change and shift as we bring new energies into the atmosphere and into us all. There will continue to be periods of extreme cold and extreme heat, winds and rains, storms and calms. This will level out around the planet, and will serve to help the new energies brought here by the Comet Ison to permeate all life here and Gaia herself. The rains and the snows are washing the energy down to the earth and helping it to seep into the ground, where all the plants and animals can benefit. The warmth will help to seal the energies into the ground where they can spread and nurture all who seek their warmth.

The varied weather will also serve to inspire those scientists who work with such things to pursue using those elements to make your life more pleasant. What I speak of is storing the energy of the Sun for use as heat, storing the energy of the Wind, using more the power of the Water as it flows. You understand what I am saying. More efficient methods will become more available and more widespread.

And you, my Sweet Ones, you want to know how you can prepare to serve me and yourselves in this new cycle?

First and foremost, love yourselves, for if you don’t love yourself, you cannot love another. Set aside time each day to nurture your body and your spirit, through meditation, spending time outside, walking or running, planting, reaping, making and enjoying music or art of any kind. Understand that this is just as important as getting to work on time, preparing meals, caring for your home and your family. Your pitcher must be full, or you are not able to pour for another. Your bodies are miraculous things that can heal quickly and completely when given the opportunity and the fuel. Do not shortchange yourselves by pushing yourselves too hard, expecting too much, ignoring the signs that you are given to STOP, relax, rest and restore. This is the most important thing you can do.

Listen to your inner guidance, your intuition, your Higher Self, your Angels. Put your mind at rest and follow your heart. Allow your mind to take care of the practical matters, breathing, walking, or directing the functions of your body. Your mind is not capable of living your life; follow your heart.

This is enough for now. There will be more questions, and more answers to come. For now, trust and know that I love you and I welcome your love and attention.

I am Mother Gaia. Namaste.