About Us

I am honored and excited to share my gifts as an intuitive facilitator with you. I have been working with Laurie Reyon and Master Cat Puddah (www.lauriereyon.com) since 2012 developing my spiritual gifts, having been on this path since the early 1980s. A busy wife and mother, living in rural West Virginia, surrounded by woods and wildlife, I have always felt the tug of Nature, the Moon and Stars, the Seasons. It feels natural, then, to give voice to Mother Gaia and St Germaine, as well as other Beings of Light, who share various messages and guidance to help us all along our Ascension Path.

If you’d like a daily peek at the energies that are available, please follow me @tamarahlight on Instagram and Twitter, or look for my Facebook page for lots of spirit-filled information for these beautiful days of ascension.