Energy Forecasts

Card of the Year – 2018

Energy Reading for May 2018

Using The Good Tarot and the Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards

created by Colette Baron-Reid & Jena DellaGrottaglia

Quick refresher on the process in place for this year:  After preparing my sacred space, centering myself, calling in my Guides and Angels, I’ve asked for guidance for us all by drawing a single card from The Good Tarot to exemplify this “Master Year” of 2018 (2+0+1+8 = 11, which is a Master Number).  As before, I’ve drawn a single card from The Good Tarot followed by four cards from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck to give us a more detailed look at what to expect in May.  I’ll do a similar reading for the remaining months of the year, mixed with information that I’ve gotten from various readers, astrologers and spiritual teachers that I follow.

Card of the Year for 2018 is – – – (insert trumpet fanfare here) – – – 6 of Fire

In The Good Tarot, the Fire suit corresponds with the suit of Wands in traditional tarot, relating to the way we act, the results of our actions and where our intentions can lead us if we act in accordance with them.  We’re looking for guidance regarding our passions, ambitions and motivations turned into actions.  As we are powerful co-creators, remember, we need to be aware to have our actions in alignment with our deepest intentions for the highest good of all.

This beautiful card, the 6 of Fire, represents stepping into the limelight, being and becoming an enlightened influencer.  The affirmation that accompanies this card is, “I generously model my transformation so that others might be inspired.  I put my light atop a hill so that it can shine forth, helping others to find their way.  I remain aware of shadows and people who have trouble basking in the warm light of higher awareness.  I bless them but do not dim my own beacon.  It’s a time to renew my trust that I am contributing to the highest good of all in my own unique way.”


Now let’s move along to May.

The mystical, magical month of May is typically thought of as the month of Mother Mary, warmer weather and all of Nature bursting in to flower and leaf.  It is also the month of Blessed St Germaine, who has brought us the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection to use daily for raising vibration and transmuting anything not of God’s design for our highest good.  A simple invocation or mantra to use daily during this magical month is

“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. (repeat this next part 3 times)  Transmute, transmute by the Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God’s desire.  I AM a Being of Cause alone; that Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.”

Try invoking this energy daily throughout this month and I promise you will see evidence of great change and forward movement in your life.  I hope you’ll let me know how it plays out for you.

The “anchor card” for the month of May is the 4 of Earth, the Earth suit corresponding with the traditional tarot’s Pentacles suit, manifestation on the physical plane and material wealth.  This card addresses ownership and trusting in a solid foundation.  The affirmation for this card is “Even if I feel shaken up and am unable to understand why things happen as they do, I know for certain that divine order manifests in all aspects of my life.  What I have built rests on a solid foundation so there is no need to fear.  While it is true that nothing is permanent in the material world, I find security in the existence of a divine plan.  Spirit is always there to remind me that I am exactly where I am meant to be for my highest good and the highest good of all, and that I always have abundance available to me.”

To supplement and support the 4 of Earth, we have the following cards:

Serendipity “Opportunity allied with readiness; the awareness of synchronicity; luck and good fortune appearing as signs and symbols; a magical alignment of events”  Serendipity is the place where luck and preparation meet, resulting in the manifestation of miracles beyond any that you could have planned.  Look for signs and symbols to lead you along the path towards your opportunity to realize your goal.  The foundation you’ve built will serve to hold all that you will see manifest.

Loyal Heart “Fidelity; loyalty; devotion”  Loyalty will become apparent in your life, both your loyalty to others and theirs to you.  Spirit is always loyal to you and is your constant source of support and encouragement.  As you have been loyal to your dream, you will find the results of your loyalty revealed to you.

Clean it Up“Getting to the core of a situation; freedom from a burden; cleaning house; sweeping away what is no longer needed”  Whether you find that you are finally able to get to the core of the situation and resolve the puzzle, or simply get some breathing space in your life with a good spring clean, you’ll breathe easier as a result.  Perhaps that puzzle is related to some trouble from your past that you’ve been carrying around with you.  Is it time to realize that that trouble really has nothing to do with who you are now?  Is it time to lay that burden down and continue on your way?  How much lighter do you feel?

To the Sea“Being in the flow; returning to Source; recognizing how pieces fit together; a natural pattern of events”  How lovely is it to feel yourself in the flow?  Your daily spiritual practices, whether they be meditation, yoga, walking, spending 10 minutes outside in Nature or writing in your journal, are allowing you the connection with your Higher Source (God, Creator, the Universe) that makes everything you encounter fuller, richer and easier to deal with.  Isn’t this just the perfect way to float through this mystical, magical month?

What a beautiful story these cards tell us!  The 4 of Earth reminds us that the work we’ve been doing to build a strong foundation for our new life has been successful and, even though things all around us may seem to be shifting and changing with lightning speed, without rhyme or reason, we have nothing to fear.  Spirit has everything under control and the Universe has a Master Plan that we can’t even imagine.  All this change is truly for our highest good and for the highest good of all.  You’re just exactly where you’re supposed to be!

The cards from the Wisdom of the Oracle confirm and elaborate a bit on this message.  Serendipity is all about the seemingly coincidental things that you’ll find just fall into place. These bits of magic are confirmation that you’re in the right place, you’ve done what you needed to do and are ready to watch all the pieces fall together.  Loyal Heart I feel has to do with your loyalty to your dream and your determination to stay on your path, do the work and now watch that dream materialize.  It could also refer to those kindred spirits who have gathered around you, helping and supporting your efforts.  Clean It Up is your realization (finally?) that you are NOT broken, you do NOT need to be healed.  Whatever misguided guilt you’ve been carrying around with you has nothing to do with the person you’ve become and you’re now in a place where this makes sense.  You’re ready to lay down that burden of guilt and responsibility that no longer applies to you and dance lightly on down that path.  Cue the music:  “Ease on down, ease on down the road!”  (from The Wiz)  To the Sea lets you know that, again, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be-in the flow with Spirit, confidently shining your light and stepping into the life you’ve been dreaming of for so long!  It may feel different, and a little scary, but think of it as excitement rather than fear.

Emmanuel Dagher

Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Best-Selling Author of

“Easy Breezy Miracle” and “Easy Breezy Prosperity”

As I mentioned in the energy reading last month, I’ve been following Emmanuel Dagher, a beautiful gentle soul who is also on this path as a lightworker and teacher.  In his energy reading for the month of May, he has some very practical suggestions for enjoying the warmer spring weather and taking advantage of the lovely magical energy that surrounds us.  Simply put, he recommends getting outside for 10-20 minutes each day to walk in the sunshine, drink plenty of water, smile at the people you pass on the street, recognize that there is a spark of the Divine in each of us, move your body through exercise or dance and give yourself permission to play!  I wholeheartedly agree!  How can it get any better than this?!

If you haven’t had the opportunity, I recommend his website and his regular newsletters.  You can sign up on his website and explore what he offers.


May is living up to its promise to be filled with transformation and manifestation.  Mother Mary, Blessed St Germaine and all of the Company of Heaven will be with us during this magical time to help us step into the next phase of this beautiful Ascension.  Let yourself be filled with confidence and gratitude that you are here, experiencing all that is occurring.  We are truly blessed!

I’m hoping that this transmission from our Oracle allows you the best advantage in facing what Fate, Mother Earth, the Universe, Spirit and your Higher Self may place in your path during the coming month.  I’m very interested in hearing how May plays out for you.  Please email me with your insights and revelations!

It is my honor to interpret these energy forecasts for you, giving you a notion of what is possible, and I am so grateful to my mentors who have graciously shared their time, talents and patience with me as I travel along my path.  Peace and blessings to you all!